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River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #6)

We were making our way up Danville’s Main Street as we left off in our PhotoCentral series on the 2016 River District Scavenger Hunt. Let’s take a look around Shelley Blackwell’s Chestnut Lane store and then keep going up the street.

Here’s the links to the other articles in this series: Part #1Part #2Part #3Part #4Part #5

The Scavenger Hunt continues…

Chestnut Lane is almost completely filled with merchandise for sale.

They’ve mixed antique furniture with modern decorations here.

Susan Granger checks out the hand-made bracelet selection.

You surely won’t be able to miss Chestnut Lane’s blue facade. And up the hill we go!

As I’m wheezing along, Susan Granger is way ahead of me as she passes the Hotel Leeland.

And we’ve made it to the south endpoint of the River District Scavenger Hunt. PATHS really had a big setup, with music, inflatable wavy arm figures and refreshments.

Everybody loves Susan Granger, even the doggies!

PATHS CEO Kay Crane takes a rest break out of the sun.

Susan learns a lot of what PATHS does while she gets her game sheet stamped. Tyler Bushong, HELLO!

Whew. We’re at the top of Danville’s Main Street hill, so we’re ready to head back down to the JTI Fountain. But we’ve got more stops to make, and that’s coming up in Part #7… only here on SouthsideCentral!

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