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River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #8)

Our journey at Danville’s River District Scavenger Hunt continues, and you’re right there with us in our PhotoCentral series!

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When we left you in Part #7, we were continuing our way down Danville’s Main Street hill & heading to the JTI fountain for the prize drawings. Let’s keep moving!

Looking back up Main Street, you can see a steady stream of people participating in this year’s Scavenger Hunt.

Our next stop is Jackie’s. This store is completely full of merchandise.

David Gusler and his daughter are greeting everybody who comes into River District Artisans.

Just look at all of the beautiful handcrafted items that are for sale in River District Artisans!

Sarita Gusler always has a big smile on her face at River District Artisans.

Bobby Carlsen’s photography studio is up next. I’ve wanted for a long time to go up and take a look around.

But first, here’s James & Jessica Buckner in Sarah Rodden’s “Lizzy Lou Boutique”. And we’ve found Rod Tomlinson again!

Oh wow. Look at the way Bobby Carlsen has decorated his upstairs studio.

Bobby Carlsen’s portfolio of works are on display at his studio, and the quality is amazing.

This is why we loved doing the River District Scavenger Hunt. We got to go into a lot of businesses we’ve never been in before and see what they’re all about. But we’re not finished yet! We’re almost back to the JTI Fountain for tonight’s prize drawings. Our journey will continue… only here on SouthsideCentral!

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