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River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #12)

We’ve made it to the finish line at Danville’s JTI Fountain and it’s almost time for the 2016 River District Scavenger Hunt prize drawings! Let’s go!

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We’ve already gotten our entry tickets. Let’s take one final look around the fountain plaza before the drawing.

Bench space was hard to find around the plaza.

Since this photo was taken, Earl Reynolds has removed the “Interim” tag off his Deputy City Manager position.

I’m taking a photo of Von Wellington. Von Wellington is taking a photo of me. Life is good.

Susan Granger finally gets to meet Sherman Saunders.

Ernecia Coles gets everybody’s attention for the prize drawings!

Our ticket drawer tonight was the first person to make it back to the finish line after visiting all the businesses on the Scavenger Hunt.

Everybody has their tickets out and is hoping to be the big $500 winner.

Sherman Saunders welcomes everybody to the prize drawings and thanks all the participants.

Everybody’s ready to see who wins the $500 grand prize!

And you’ll see the $500 grand prize winner in the final PhotoCentral article in this series. That’s coming up next… only here on SouthsideCentral!

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