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Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #8)

It’s been two months since we published an article in the “Pennrose Mall: Still Dead” series. I bet you thought the series was dead. But no! Well, yep. The mall is still dead. But it’s still funny, too!

For some unknown reason, the entire Pennrose Mall series got popular again over the weekend, so let’s roll along with Part #8 in the second PhotoCentral series. We’ve got the links to the previous articles in the series down below the cutline.

Here’s the links to the other articles we’ve published in this series: Part #1Part #2Part #3Part #4Part #5Part #6Part #7

And we’re on the tour again!

Somebody is still taking care of the plants in the mall.

Well, sorta taking care of them.

OK. Maybe barely taking care of them.

The petrified gumball machines are chained down and padlocked. You’re not taking these home with you!

The famous Pennrose Mall buckets have migrated south for the winter.

When you’re out of buckets, just use more tubs.

I’m quite sure the mall’s fire insurance company would be unhappy at knowing that the mall’s fire extinguishers are four years late in being inspected.

Oh my. We have signs of life!

I looked this up and found this ITT alarm system was very popular in 1978.

We’ve actually found signs of life at Pennrose Mall… even if it’s in a store that’s been closed for over 4 years. What will we find next? Stay tuned on SouthsideCentral for more!

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