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Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #4)

With a small break in the action here at SouthsideCentral, we’ll run Part #4 in our second series on the almost deceased Pennrose Mall in Reidsville, NC. The links to the first three articles in this series are below the cutline.

We are not alone.

Here’s the first three articles in the series: Part #1Part #2Part #3

Each ceiling tile has its own unique damage pattern.

Even though there’s standing (and running) water all over the floor, the mall’s fire sprinkler system appears to be in good shape.

We are not alone. These two guys read the original Pennrose Mall series on and decided to come to Reidsville to get their own dead mall photos. SouthsideCentral is honored.

No coin return doohickey. No dial tone. No surprise.

As we return to the Peanut Shack Of Doom, we take a closer look at the structure and find that somehow, a bird has crapped on it. Note the speaker in the upper right corner of the photo. Like before, the mall’s music system is operating at full blast with a bizarre rendition of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” done by a string quartet with a harp accompanist.

Pennrose Mall Management has erected a secure barrier so that nobody can walk into Lake Pennrose. As you can see, nobody paid any attention to the caution tape and it’s now laying on the floor.

Where can I cash this check? NOWHERE! Ask us how! WE HAVEN’T BEEN HERE IN SIX YEARS!

The only thing missing from this Peanut Shack Of Doom color and pattern scheme is an avocado green colored refrigerator.

Mysteriously, we have a broken-down drink cup box between the open roof and the floor. Perhaps the last employees at the Peanut Shack Of Doom wanted to block a bird from crapping on them?

Four down, thousands to go! Not really, but we’ll keep making you laugh and cry at how horrible our journey went. More in this PhotoCentral series coming up here on SouthsideCentral!

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