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Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #6)

After a long hard day at work, I could use some laughs. So let’s throw up (intentional choice of words) another PhotoCentral article in the “Still Dead” series about Reidsville’s Pennrose Mall. The links to the previous five articles in this series are below the cutline. Let’s resume our tour!

Here’s the links to the other articles we’ve published in this series: Part #1Part #2Part #3Part #4Part #5

We’ll resume where we left off.

It seems that the floor inside the dead Cato’s store has a serious mole problem.

As decrepit as Pennrose Mall is, they’ve got a brand new security system with motion detectors.

Pennrose Mall’s music system rivals any concert arena in the region. You get blasted with weird instrumental versions of 80’s music as soon as you walk into any mall entrance (provided you find a mall entrance that isn’t locked, of course). Nobody’s fooled by the fake security camera housing though because it’s about ready to fall out of the ceiling at any time.

Place your bets on which of these ceiling tiles will crash to the floor next.

It’s never too early for lawn & garden merchandise. Well, actually, it is way too damned early for it.

This is where the signage for JC Penney was. If you look carefully, you can figure out where the letters went.

As I walked past the Peanut Shack Of Doom, I noticed that somebody had slashed the wall in a semi-orderly pattern. And FU, too.

Roses is to be praised for the display diversity. All races of rocking chairs are represented fairly here.

What’s this? A secret passage beside Roses? There must be a story here but our path is blocked. Perhaps another day we shall learn the secrets behind these panels.

And on that note, we’ll close out Part #6. There’s a seventh part (and an eighth, and a ninth…) coming up soon here on SouthsideCentral!

5 comments to Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #6)


    I am sure I am not the only who is tired of this story. You could go around Danville and take pictures of the White Mill, former DRF building, school field structure and guess what, they are still dead as well….as is half of downtown. Move on. I enjoy most of your reporting but this one is long in the tooth

  • Please don’t listen to that other commenter. I found your site because of these article and have shared it with lots of people. You do it different than most people because you are savagely funny with your comments.

  • Jerome Holman

    Ok… I’ll be the tie breaker in this (2) response storyline. Whereas this is a very sad human interest account of a decaying part of Americana we’ve all once lived, and loved it’s existence and all of it’s splendor. This is an example of “good times” gone by. So yes, this article gives a somber reminder of what once was, however frankly, this is well overdone. I feel a deeper sense of sadness with each accompanying piece. Thanks Bruce… but enough.

  • Barry

    Keep doing what you’re doing here. I’m enjoying taking a closer look at Pennrose Mall and I live three miles from there.

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