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Business After Hours: God’s Pit Crew – Part #10

SouthsideCentral has had a great time with our PhotoCentral journey inside God’s Pit Crew. This is the tenth and final article in the series and we hope you’ve enjoyed them. We also hope you have learned a lot about the organization. This all started when the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce for hosting February’s Business After Hours here.

Here’s the links to the previous articles in the series: Part #1Part #2Part #3Part #4Part #5Part #6Part #7Part #8Part #9

We’ll finish this up with a look at the rest of the distribution warehouse.

Here’s the assembly line for God’s Pit Crew’s Blessing Buckets. Volunteers come in and put them together.

The PepsiCo bottling plant in Wytheville is one of God’s Pit Crew’s biggest donators. They keep the warehouse stocked with water and other beverages.

Volunteers re-palletize what the Pepsi plant donates and stack Pepsi’s pallets so that they’re ready to go back on the next truck.

The bottled water has a lot of different brands since Pepsi supplies multiple company’s private labels.

God’s Pit Crew also supplies food items. We’ve got a pallet of mayonnaise ready to go.

God’s Pit Crew also donates beverages to local fire departments and charities. This is a lot of Gatorade.

These buckets have been donated and are ready to become Blessing Buckets.

Ok, now this is a serious lot of Gatorade.

As we head out the door, here’s one of God’s Pit Crew’s crisis response trailers ready to head to the next disaster area.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 10-part PhotoCentral series that let you see inside God’s Pit Crew. Thanks to Randy Johnson & Rhonda Zola for the tour.

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