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Business After Hours: God’s Pit Crew – Part #1

SouthsideCentral loves the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce, and for good reason. They’re an amazing organization that works to make the region better in things like tourism initiatives, workforce development, educational outreach and business support. It’s well worth it to join the chamber.

The chamber’s February Business After Hours was held at God’s Pit Crew and SouthsideCentral was there! We’ve got a PhotoCentral series of articles on the Business After Hours event. After that was over, we took a tour of the massive warehouse and you will get a chance to see how much this wonderful organization can do. Let’s get started with Part #1 of this series now!

God’s Pit Crew is located on North Main St. in Danville across from the Old Dutch Shopping Center. Let’s head inside and learn more about the organization.

The business office of God’ Pit Crew is highly impressive. Everything on the walls tell parts of their stories.

For the Business After Hours, they rearranged their conference room to make space for the food and drinks.

Here are some of the door prizes that God’s Pit Crew will be giving out.

Donna Ashworth is manning the welcoming table tonight.

Here’s some of the wall decorations as you walk into the business offices.

The conference room is named in honor of John Paul Seamster, a God’s Pit Crew member.

If you look upwards, you’ll see the background of God’s Pit Crew, starting with Randy Johnson’s vision to create the organization.

Here’s more of the story. Note the timeline on the bottom showing the disasters that they’ve responded to.

Hurricane Katrina and the God’s Pit Crew’s response were the main factors in expanding the organization to do even more.

That’s the end of Part #1, but we’ll have Part #2 (and more) coming up soon on SouthsideCentral!

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