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Business After Hours: God’s Pit Crew – Part #5

We’re working on photos this weekend here on SouthsideCentral. Here’s another article on the insides of God’s Pit Crew. Special thanks go out to the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce for having the February Business After Hours event here!

Here’s the links to the previous articles in the series: Part #1Part #2Part #3Part #4

There was a good turnout for the monthly Business After Hours.

Everybody is hoping that they win one of the nice door prizes.

And we’re doing the drawing now!

God’s Pit Crew’s Blessing Buckets are one of their most frequently asked for items.

Bernice Moore, L.C. Moore & Barbara Seamster had a great time at the event.

Administrative Director Rhonda Zola is leading our tour of the rest of the building, and our first step is at Rhonda’s office. Volunteers come in to this office and help with computer work.

Shane Brogden is the Promotions & Media Coordinator.

This is the office of Tim Case, the Business Manager for God’s Pit Crew. As you can see, he loves Ford Mustangs.

We move from the offices to the warehouse and our first stop is at the organization’s woodworking shop. They’ve got almost every woodworking tool that you can think of here.

We’re on the tour of the whole building and our next article will show you more of the ways that God’s Pit Crew does everything that they do. That’s coming up soon here on SouthsideCentral!

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