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Business After Hours: God’s Pit Crew – Part #9

We’re almost finished with our PhotoCentral journey at God’s Pit Crew. We’ve made it to the main warehouse where the trucks are loaded, so let’s take a look around here. Special thanks go out to the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce for hosting February’s Business After Hours here.

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We’ll continue our trip through the disaster response trailers…

When you’re cleaning up after a tornado, all of these tools are greatly needed.

God’s Pit Crew is building a new disaster response trailer and they’re starting to fill it up with gear.

You can tell that they’re maximizing the amount of storage space for tools.

Here’s more shovels, rakes and hoes for cleanup.

The organization also uses ATVs for places impossible to reach by cars & trucks.

Moving back into the warehouse, this is where they keep all the medical supplies organized and ready to go.

A pallet shrinkwrapping machine saves a lot of time for warehouse storage.

You never know what you’ll find ready to ship out in the warehouse.

Double and triple stacked pallets of water, juice and Gatorade are ready to go.

We’ll finish up this 10-part PhotoCentral journey inside God’s Pit Crew in our next article. That’s coming up soon here on SouthsideCentral!

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