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RandomThoughts! (10/24/17)

I got the date correct before I published the article this time. Maybe I’m figuring this thing out. Heh.

Let’s see what I’m thinking about this time.

Let’s whip out a Big Board…

  • Patti O’Keefe and the Caswell Messenger newspaper don’t get the recognition that they deserve. They’ve broken some big stories using good investigative reporting.
  • Staunton River District supervisor Elton Blackstock continues to highly impress me in everything that he does. He’s not afraid to confront things directly and get the truth out.
  • Golden Skillet has the best chicken breast filet sandwich in Danville, but it’s too damn expensive.
  • I heart Buddy Rawley. He’s sorely missed on Danville City Council for his willingness to say whatever is on his mind.
  • There’s a huge difference in gas prices as you go around the city.
  • The self-serve kiosk at the Ballou Park McDonald’s has nothing to do with the so-called push for a $15 minimum wage, no matter how that would fit your political agenda.
  • The River District Festival needs to find its own identity. Organizers have been working hard to fine tune the events, getting rid of the things that just didn’t work. But all of that hard work gets steamrolled when it’s the same weekend as the big Reidsville Fall Festival. The River District Festival is also the only one in the region that has a paid final concert, and that just doesn’t feel right.
  • I’m amazed at how the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce hasn’t missed a step after the loss of the charismatic Laurie Moran. This year’s trade show went off just like before, and that’s saying a lot.
  • Now that Steve DelGiorno & Rick Barker’s “Crema & Vine” has opened, it’s been amusing to see the silence from the Usual Suspects who were putting the business down before the place was built.

Whew. That was a lot of RandomThoughts. We’ve got more coming up here at SouthsideCentral!

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