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RandomThoughts! (8/30/16)

I’m thinking randomly. Watch out.

RandomThoughts belong on a Big Board, so here comes one out of the storage room…

  • I had a great time and learned a lot at the College Bonanza 2016 event held at Averett University Bonner middle school a few weeks ago. Actually, no. I didn’t because I didn’t even know it was happening until I saw a email ad from the Register & Bee the morning of the event. And that’s a shame, folks.
  • I also had a great time at the annual “Museum Meets Margaritaville” on Saturday night at the Community Market. Actually, no. I didn’t hear a word from the museum about the event and it completely fell off my radar. Former Museum director Cara Burton may have rubbed some people the wrong way (and good for her doing that), but she was an expert at promoting the museum and their events. It’s almost like it’s going back to the Lynne Bjarnesen days… and that’s sad.
  • I’m looking forward to the 2nd annual “Community & Law Enforcement Day” at Bibleway church on September 10th. Actually, maybe. If it wasn’t for Sheila Baynes trying to get the word out and a few words from Larry Campbell when I see him, I wouldn’t know much about the event coming up.
  • Are you sensing a theme here?
  • Yeah, I miss Cara Burton. Both as the museum director and as a friend.
  • Danville Transit has greatly evolved since the days of Danville Traction & Power Company and their giant diesel behemoth buses. I’ve been using their services while getting car repairs done and it’s clean, efficient and very inexpensive.
  • If your business has a $5 minimum for credit/debit card use policy, I’m going to ignore it. If you push the issue, I’ll walk out the door without buying anything.
  • It’s almost fall festival season and there’s very little of the usual buzz that goes along with it. I was very impressed with last year’s edition of the River District Festival (disclaimer: paid advertiser at SouthsideCentral), and I’m expecting at least the same level of activities at this year’s edition.
  • Does anybody bank at the Beacon Credit Union located in Riverside Shopping Center?
  • I made it this far without mentioning food, but it’s worth the drive to Ridgeway to get homemade ice cream from Dipper’s. It’s about 1/4 mile from the Route 58 bypass at the Martinsville Speedway exit. We went there a few weeks ago and they had at least 18 flavors of ice cream.
  • And doing the ice cream segue, Caffe Peroni in downtown South Boston makes fresh gelato every day. Yum!
  • Finally, I’m randomly thinking to thank all of our SouthsideCentral readers for continuing to visit the website even though the article flow has slowed down. I’m getting back into the rhythm needed to keep a steady flow of content. Thanks again!

That’s enough RandomThoughts! for today, folks. We’ve got more coming up here on SouthsideCentral!

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