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A good reason for no recent articles…

I’m copying this from our other SouthsideCentral social media feeds so you’ll know what’s been going on for the last few days.

Life can be truly amazing at times.

It’s been an amazing (yet rough) last few days at SouthsideCentral. I’m going to publish a story about the set of events soon, but I wanted to thank everybody for their patience & support. The bottom line is that a mother cat’s life has been saved & we have three beautiful kittens nursing with a surrogate mother.

Here’s a photo of the last kitten who was born at 12:30 AM Thursday under my house. I helped finish the delivery from the exhausted & injured mother cat. I was able to get him breathing and he’s in perfect health.

Special thanks and my highest praise to Paulette Dean & the staff at the Danville Area Humane Society for finding a surrogate mother for the three kittens. The same thanks and praise go to Dr. Jeff Smith & the staff at the Mt. Hermon Veterinary Clinic. And finally, to my sister, Susan Granger, for being there when I needed her for help. Again, thanks for your patience & understanding. SouthsideCentral (and I) will be up to full speed by this weekend.


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