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RandomThoughts! (7/3/16)

It’s been a long time since I thought randomly. Well, at least in a SouthsideCentral article…

RandomThoughts belong on a Big Board!

  • I’m amazed at how fast the city of Danville is progressing along with the Craghead Street streetscaping project.
  • And since I’m thinking about Craghead Street, you should visit the new location of “A La Carte” in the old Rick Doss building. They’re setting up the beautiful furniture and accessories that they had on their previous Main St. location, and are adding a premium coffee and pastry shop.
  • Dammit. It only took two RandomThoughts to get to some mention of food.
  • I keep forgetting about Brewed Awakening and Main Street Coffee Emporium closes too early for me to really get there.
  • Whatever happened to the Spin Bike Shop that moved down on Craghead Street?
  • The parking lot at Ben David Jewelers is always at least almost full. They definitely have the biggest share in jewelry sales.
  • All of the “keep the dam” supporters don’t seem to give a fark about the dam anymore now that the imminent threat of demolishing it has gone away.
  • It’s time for Virginia to change their alcohol laws and get rid of the “minimum food sales percentage” to keep an ABC license.
  • Alan Larson, Danville Regional Medical Center’s CEO, has flown under most people’s radar since he started his job. He’s out there at community events, but he’s way more low-key than Eric Deaton. It seems to be working great for him and the hospital.
  • No. The city didn’t reject the signage for the upcoming Walmart Neighborhood Market in the Nor-Dan Shopping Center. They city had already approved the original signage package that was presented to them, but a new signage package was brought into the deal bu a another company that handles that for Walmart. The new signage package was out of compliance with regulations, so it was rejected and the Board of Zoning Appeals correctly sustained that decision. That only means that Walmart goes back to the originally approved signage package. Anybody who points to this as “Another Reason Danville Isn’t Business Friendly” is full of horsecrap, because they don’t know the full story. Now you know the full story.

And now that you know the full story, that’s enough RandomThoughts for Sunday. We’ve got more coming up here on SouthsideCentral!

1 comment to RandomThoughts! (7/3/16)

  • Amen on the minimum food sales. As a musician I remember playing a certain club that offered a “buffet” that hardly anyone took advantage of. They threw away so much food just to stay open as an entertainment club. I wish Danville had a place for people both young and old could go for entertainment without having a restaurant being the main draw. Most of the entertainment that is fortunate enough to find work in Danville consist of solo or duo acoustic acts. They are very good musicians but it would be nice to be able to accommodate larger groups. Green’s Supper Club was an establishment that did both very well but they were 30 minutes away and sadly closed after more years than I can remember. We have one club right across the line that does well but variety would be welcomed.

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