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Danny Marshall Hates Black People (Not!)

No, Danny Marshall doesn’t hate black people. But Carolyn Laviscount Tanner is acting like Danville’s own Kanye West in her “letter to the editor” that makes her sound like a racist loon.

Let’s start with the link to Tanner’s “letter to the editor” on the Danville Register & Bee website.

A flaw in First Offender program

(Register & Bee article, paywall may apply unless you blow right through it)

Tanner has made her reputation trying to help people get their civil rights restored after a felony conviction. She’s done a good job with it and she’s earned SouthsideCentral’s respect for doing that.

Let’s take a look at part of her letter that makes sense…

The requirement I take issue with is that one’s driver’s license is suspended for six months. It simply makes no sense to ask an individual to find employment and handicap him/her by taking away their transportation. I have tried for the last two years to convince our delegate, Danny Marshall, R-Danville, to act in the General Assembly to revise the state law, perhaps by offering a restricted license. To me, it simply makes sense.

You know what, I could probably go for that idea myself. But if Danny Marshall doesn’t like the idea, I’d find another legislator that does like the idea and let them carry the bill.

But nah, that’s not good enough for Carolyn Tanner. She’s got to go all racist on it…

I have come to accept the fact that our Republican Delegate has no interest in trying to help potentially thousands of young people. Why? Well, drug crime arrests are overwhelmingly African-American and he obviously does not consider us a part of his constituency.

Obviously? Blow it out your racist ass, Carolyn Laviscount Tanner. I know Danny Marshall personally. He’s a kind and dedicated man who doesn’t give a fark about a person’s skin color.

To use Carolyn Tanner’s own words against her, I have come to accept the fact that Tanner has no interest in treating Danny Marshall fairly. She obviously doesn’t give a damn about the facts when it comes to her calling somebody out as being racist.

Who’s the real racist here, Carolyn?

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