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Our Statement on Saturday’s Goodyear Accident Reporting

On Monday at 4:20 PM, SouthsideCentral was first to report on another serious employee accident at Danville’s Goodyear plant. We published the story on our social media channels.

That accident has now been confirmed by Goodyear plant management. SouthsideCentral is issuing a partial retraction on the “Employee airlifted to hospital burn center” portion of our original report, but we stand by the original reporting of the accident and that has been confirmed by Goodyear’s statement this morning.

Our official statement is below the cutline.

SouthsideCentral has confirmed that the Goodyear employee injured in Saturday’s accident is being treated in a hospital burn center. Goodyear’s media release this morning does not state that. We retract the “Employee airlifted to burn center” part of our original statement pending more investigation.

SouthsideCentral stands by our reporting and properly sources all content before we publish it. If retractions are required (partial or full), we will be glad to publish them. We do our best to be the news source that is able to use our network of sources to bring you content that no other media source is able to bring to you. Thank you for your support of SouthsideCentral.

We’ll have more on this as the story continues to develop.

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