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Madison Whittle’s Campaign Office Grand Opening (Part #1)

Madison Whittle for Danville City CouncilDanville City Council candidate Madison Whittle held his campaign office grand opening on Wednesday, and SouthsideCentral was there. Let’s take a look at some photos from the event in this two-part PhotoCentral series.

(Editor’s Note: “Madison Whittle for City Council” is an advertiser with SouthsideCentral. Advertisers have no editorial say-so in any SouthsideCentral content, whether paid or non-paid.)

We’re at The Forum building on Piney Forest Road. Let’s head in and see what’s happening!

Madison Whittle is already shaking hands as we arrive. We’ve got Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Joe Davis & Bob Warren in the background. And we’ve got Robert Brooks!

Robert Brooks talks with Madison Whittle’s mother.

You’re never going to catch Brenda Bowman unprepared. She’s making a new to-do list. We’ve got Madison Whittle stickers, Madison Whittle pens, Madison Whittle handouts. Madison Whittle: The Home Game may be coming out soon. Heh.

This is our first “Candidate With Baby” photo of this year’s City Council campaign!

More conversation before Whittle’s speech. Robert Brooks talks to Madison Whittle now.

Brenda Bowman starts by introducing Madison Whittle…

… while Whittle gives us a perfect profile photo. Heh.

Tony Lundy & Ron McMahon are here for today’s grand opening.

And we’re ready to go!

We’ll wrap up the grand opening in Part #2 of this series. That’s coming up next here on SouthsideCentral!

Madison Whittle for Danville City Council

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