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BonusCentral: Danville City Council Photos (3/15/16)

We’ve got some photos that didn’t make the final cut in our Danville City Council meeting article that we just published. Let’s see some of what happened behind the scenes.

And away we go!

Instead of just having the new video screens turned off when not used during meetings, look at the new fancy graphic!

After the meeting was over, Mike Miller walked up to talk to Sherman Saunders. Alonzo Jones also talks to Sue DeMasi.

Last week, Budget Director Cynthia Thomasson said that she had found some formulas wrong in the draft budget so she fixed the problem. She had to quickly update everybody’s copy of the budget before the work session started.

It’s fashionable ladies on the front two rows tonight. Renee Burton is ready to go with her presentation and lets Sara Weller do the fix-the-budget-books work all by herself. Heh. Denice Thibodeau, Dolores Reynolds and Sheila Baynes are in the second row.

I’ll never get a job with the City of Danville after publishing this photo of Human Relations Director Sara Weller fixing all the budget books. Heh.

Renee Burton talks about her presentation while Cynthia Thomasson is still fixing all the budget books.

Papers everywhere!

The one & only John Ventimiglia joins us for tonight’s work session!

Register & Bee reporter Denice Thibodeau is writing her article to beat her deadline.

Danville City Council’s business & work sessions are always open to the public. Come join the Usual Suspects on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month!

We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

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