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Kate Berger’s Election Withdrawal Letter

Danville Treasurer candidate Kate Berger withdrew from the election today. SouthsideCentral is glad to print her campaign’s withdrawal letter in its entirety for our viewers to read.

Again, this is from Kate Berger.

Citizens for M. Kate Berger for Treasurer announced today that Kate withdrew as a candidate for the office of Treasurer in the City of Danville on Wednesday March 2, 2016 when she submitted her letter of withdrawal to the City of Danville Electoral Board.

At the time of the submission of this letter Kate’s voter registration to the City of Danville had gone through and all of her filings and petitions were in order.

Her letter reads: “This letter is to officially withdraw as a candidate for the Office of Treasurer in the City of Danville in the May 3, 2016 election.

At the urging of citizens of Danville, when no one, let alone a qualified candidate had come out to run for Treasurer, I moved my residency to the City and began the process of collecting signatures. I got much positive feedback in that process. At the time I filed all my paperwork to run only one other candidate had filed some of their work.

Now two candidates from the City are qualified and one other may. After considering the qualifications of those candidates, I feel the City will be well served and that it will be in my best interest to withdraw as a candidate and move back to my farm.

I apologize for any additional work this may cause you the Registrar’s Office. I wanted to do this today so that you would not have already put my name on the ballot.”

Kate thanks all the people who helped her in this campaign especially those who contacted her, carried petitions or signed petitions.

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