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Robin Dabney’s City Council Announcement

Robin Dabney has announced that she is running for Danville City Council in the upcoming May elections. SouthsideCentral is glad to publish her campaign’s statement unedited so that our readers can see it in its entirety.

Again, this is from Robin Dabney

It’s going to take a shared strategy from incumbents and continuous informed community to achieve sustainability, transformation, and prosperity in Danville; an ambitious but attainable goal.

I am Robin Dabney, native of Danville, VA and Candidate for City Council. For the past five years Danville has done a pretty good job redesigning and revitalizing the Downtown sector, River District, particularly the reformation of condemned and undesirable buildings. The transformation shows sign of vibrant life to attract interest in rental properties and potential investors seeking lower cost, less congestive ways to do business. Yes, Danville seemly showing signs of progress from its older model design. But there are underlying concerns still existing; poverty rate among children now triple State average; employment rate continues to be higher than state and national levels; and educational attainment reflects a large percentage of Danville’s population has an 8th grade or high school diploma (Source: U.S. Census Bureau and American Community Survey, 2010 – 2014).

Before confirming my Candidacy, I decided to canvas my neighborhood to assess whether I am the best fit for the job. As a researcher, my decision making approach has always been analytical and an evaluation process. But more importantly, the job of City Council should not be taken lightly. Not only do I need to know if I am capable of serving in this capacity but the public need to be assured as well. My personal philosophy is, “if my neighbors don’t support me, who would?” Therefore, I knocked on doors and talked with neighbors of my intent to seek the position of City Council. There was immediate concern of crime and shootings in the area. Several neighbors worried of my safety walking about alone. This is not how our community should be living…in fear. My neighbors eagerly signed my Petition and communicated their support. After talking with neighbors, I visited small business owners to ask of their concerns or challenges. There appeared to be a recurring factor; small business owners felt left out the loop of the changes going on in Danville, particularly as it relates to funding support. Several business owners expressed lack of support and lack of communication from the city to help advance their business. One owner said, “Local businesses outside the downtown area are invisible and unheard.” After visiting small businesses, I visited city departments; Danville Fire Stations (Station 1, Station 2, Station 3, Station 4, Station 6), Danville Police Department (met with Chief Broadfoot), and Danville Public Works (Mr. Drazenovich) to learn of their internal functions and responsibilities. A lot was learned from city departments, especially the additional work and extra duties that goes unnoticed (but is greatly appreciated).  A lot was heard from my neighbors, community, and local small businesses. However, no voice was louder than those from our Millenniums; Danville’s “Generation Y”. These young people are in despairing need to transition from college or trade school into a successful career in Danville. There is currently no support system or available resources to successfully transition a college graduate or college students during out-of-school time into entry level positions or as Danville’s’ entrepreneurs; or is it? My Strategy as a contender and potential Councilwoman is to work in a bipartisan manner to address all mentioned issues and concerns because they are the concerns of our citizens. In addition, utilize my knowledge, skills, and expertise to support Danville’s growth and development while working on the behalf of our citizens.

Dr. Robin M. Dabney

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