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Dr. Stan Jones’ Statement About Classroom Disruption

SouthsideCentral is glad to publish the full text of Danville Public Schools Superintendent Stan Jones’s statement that he issued today. This is in regards to the letter to the editor published in the Danville Register & Bee on Tuesday. SouthsideCentral has already published an OpinionCentral on the issue, but I wanted you to be able to read the full statement from Dr. Jones.

The Bright Future of Danville Public Schools

Danville, VA – Under the leadership of the Superintendent and with the support of the School Board, school and Division staff implemented several recent proactive measures to address the issue of classroom disruption in all of our schools. These measures include:

  • School principals are the first to hear short- and long-term suspension appeals – giving them direct authority to address problems with student behavior with a parent and student. Previously, the school board members heard appeals to the suspensions following their monthly meetings every two weeks.
  • At the request of the Superintendent, the School Board approved a new disciplinary system by using existing resources and creating an office to focus more directly on oversight of discipline issues, suspensions, and strategies for changing misbehavior.
  • Staff are participating in on-going professional development designed to improve teaching, learning, and student achievement.

These efforts are initial actions aimed at improving the overall school climate. The challenge going forward is to build consistency of expectations in all classrooms and by all staff when addressing disruptive behavior and holding student’s accountable for their actions. This effort is especially significant given concerns raised today by a George Washington High School senior; in a Letter to the Editor.

In reviewing this student’s description of events she has witnessed in her classes, it is clear that there is still a significant amount of work remaining to address the issue of disruption at George Washington High School. My staff and I are aware of these concerns and will continue to work as a team to improve all schools, especially George Washington High School. As we move forward, the changes necessary to improve GWHS will require not only your patience but an abundance of persistence. The issues at GWHS are not new. George Washington High School has experienced a gradual shift in its learning environment over the last several years. It is not reflective of one student or one staff member.

As the appointed leader of our schools, I am confident that collectively DPS has a true desire to improve learning for all students. This desire will be successful when we respond courageously and consistently across all schools and classrooms about what we expect, what we will tolerate, and how we engage students in relevant and meaningful learning.

We at DPS are a team, and we are collectively working together not only to address the immediate concerns at George Washington High School, but also to ensure student success across the Division.

As a stakeholder, we appreciate your valuable feedback and humbly ask for your support of Danville Public Schools. It is through the uplifting efforts of all stakeholders that we are able to build on the foundation laid before us. We will get better. We must get better. It is our moral duty to improve learning, and with your support – we will!

Stanley B. Jones, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


11 comments to Dr. Stan Jones’ Statement About Classroom Disruption

  • Oh no

    Maybe you should google superintendent and danville va Public schools suspension. You might find 7 in roanoke and 13 in Lynchburg dated Nov 13 where the super stated there were too many suspensions and there would less in the future.

    The chaos is caused by the school board and the super.

  • Wiseguy

    Such trouble is ALWAYS Top Down. School board needs to put this guy on notice. The social wreckage among our young people is catastrophic.

  • Harry Burger

    Does GW use PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports)? I thought the district was moving toward this model being implemented in all the schools. If so, is it working? If so, and it is not working, why is money continuing to be spent on it? The bottom line is that these issues begin at home and no one is willing or able to address them where they originate from. Consulting firms are fleecing school districts with their models that do very little if anything to address society’s issues that weigh schools down with discipline and achievement issues. Until these issues can be solved, disruptive students need to be removed (permanently if necessary) from the learning environment so that those who can and want to learn can succeed. School boards and superintendents need to bite the bullet and deal with these individuals instead of tying principals’ and teachers’ hands.

  • About 40 years ago, I have a friend whose father came from Germany when he was a teenager. His father said on the day he was leaving, he went up to his teacher and said in an arrogant way, “I’m going to America tomorrow.” His teacher slapped him to the ground and said, ” You might go to American tomorrow, but today you will respect me.” Teachers deserve respect and should demand order, which they no longer have. Principals and school officials should do whatever it takes to regain respect for teachers and have no tolerance for disrespect and disorder of their students..

  • John Mathews

    The only meaningless platitude not used in this gibberish is “we will get to and address the root causes of such behaviour.” Please!! If GWHS has been sliding in the direction of a chaotic state for several years, as Dr Jones stated, why has nothing been done? And, had the letter not been written and published, would the DSB taken any action to correct the deteriorating situation? Hey DBS….it’s so simple. Here’s what you expect: Sit down, Shut up and No electronic device use. Post that in every classroom in very large letter and call the class’s attention to it at the beginning of every class. One strike, two strikes and on the third, you’re out of the class for a while, if not the school for the year…PERIOD!!! Those that want to learn will conform.Those that don’t will be gone.

    • If GWHS has been sliding in the direction of a chaotic state for several years, as Dr Jones stated, why has nothing been done?

      Ed Newsome and his morale killing policies & administration.

      And, had the letter not been written and published, would the DSB taken any action to correct the deteriorating situation?

      If they had gotten this complaint themselves, yes.

      • Oh no

        School board knows what is going on. They just passed a no suspend policy. See roanoke and Lynchburg news. It was there Nov 13. Kids chant, I can’t be suspended.

  • Amie

    What in the world? It appears this story has completely disappeared.

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