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Thumbs! (9/26/15)

I’ve never had a green Thumb!, but I have lots of them in my articles. I also have red ones, too. Let’s see if they’re UP! or DOWN! today…

Thumbs! belong on a Big Board, so let’s get it out of the closet.

  • Thumbs UP! to Chatmoss Cable. Not only do they supply a need for cable TV programming and high-speed internet access, but they’ve got a very nice broadcast studio to produce local programming. I found out about this last week as I returned to TV in a guest host role for the election season. Chatmoss Cable is a locally owned company that has grown into a first-class operation.
  • Thumbs UP! to Jessamyn Rubio has created a beautiful website that’s packed with content about family friendly activities and events in the Southside Region. She’s even started a community for local parents to work together to meet new people and do things. I met Jessamyn last week and found her to be amazing. Her skills really show when you go to the website. She mixes up beautiful design & photography with humor and a touch of irreverence in her writing style. The results end up being one of the most entertaining websites around. Go to, and you’ll laugh while you learn about things to do in the region.
  • Thumbs UP! to all the region’s fall festivals. This weekend’s were pretty much washed out but there’s still plenty left on the calendar. Yanceyville’s Bright Leaf Hoedown seriously impressed me as it’s grown significantly, and Eden’s RiverFest is so big it’s gotten to the nice problem of almost being landlocked. Danville’s River District Festival is showing a lot of promise this year, and we’re working with them here on SouthsideCentral. Speaking of that…
  • Thumbs UP! to the River District Festival committee’s idea of having events well before the actual festival. Earlier this week, we told you about the Fish Fry fundraiser that’s coming up this Wednesday. Be sure to get your ticket and come out for a great dinner and fun.

That’s it. We’ve done it again. Four Thumbs! and they’re all UP! Unfortunately, we’re now out of Thumbs! Sorry, Alonzo.

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