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Thumbs! (8/31/15)

Let’s wrap up the month of August by sticking our Thumbs! in the air.

UP! is Good. DOWN! is Bad. DIAGONALLY! is Impossible. Here comes that Big Board!

  • Thumbs UP! to the Virginia Flaggers. Yeah, I said that. In a first for the group, they put up a Third National Confederate Flag up in Danville, diagonally across from the Robertson Bridge. This group can make a big difference now by changing their argument from “Nyah Nyah, Danville City Council Sucks!” to “Heritage & Education” if they follow up with an educational marker of some kind explaining the meaning and history of this specific flag. There’s been no official statement from the Virginia Flaggers on why they chose the Third National Confederate flag, but I look forward to hearing their rationale behind the change in their strategy.
  • Thumbs UP! to the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History. With all of this Confederate flag controversy around, the director, board, staff & volunteers were able to pull off another successful “Museum Meets Margaritaville” annual event. They still had a long list of sponsors and the ticket sales were right around the normal amount. There’s room in the region for everybody’s view on the Confederate flag issue, and the success of this event is proof of that.
  • Thumbs DOWN! to the “collateral damage” of all the other flags having to come down because of Danville City Council’s newly enacted flag ordinance. It’s been around a month now since that ordinance was passed, and it’s time for the city to publicly announce that they’re trying to rectify that situation and start the process to do just that. At Tuesday night’s council meeting, it would be nice if at least one council member talks about that in their around the horn segment.
  • Thumbs UP! to the Golden Leaf Bistro. It’s one of the top restaurants in the Southside region and their relatively new patio expansion makes it into a great nightspot, too. Yep, it can be expensive, but it’s the same price level as Halifax’s Molasses Grill & South Boston’s Bistro 1888. People are driving 30+ miles to eat there and the food is excellent. Give it a try some time, folks.
  • Finally, a Thumbs UP! to Danville Public Schools Superintendent Stan Jones. He’s everywhere. He’s always smiling. He’s an excellent ambassador for the school system. He’s smart. He knows his stuff. He’s got great ideas. He came into the school system listening and hasn’t tried to muscle in by taking over everything himself. Danville’s school board made the right decision to hire Stan Jones.

Five Thumbs! given out today… I believe that’s a new SouthsideCentral record. Thumbs UP! to SouthsideCentral for that, and we’ve got more coming up here on SouthsideCentral. Thanks for reading!

30 comments to Thumbs! (8/31/15)

  • Thanks for the shoutout, but we do not have any intention of changing our argument. We also do not need another educational marker at any of the current or coming Memorial Flag sites in Danville…there is already one sitting on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, placed by the HPA for exactly that purpose. The fact that a “historically correct” flag, flying on a Confederate Memorial, on the grounds of the Last Capitol of the Confederacy, now occupied by the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and HISTORY, was ripped from the Memorial in a lame effort to appease a few agitators, proves that those who hate our Confederate Ancestors and our history and heritage are not the least bit interested in being educated. Make a big difference by changing our message? We disagree. We feel our message is right on point and IS making a big difference, and the groundswell of support from the citizens of Danville affirms this. Our efforts, instead of waning since the desecration of the monument, are gaining momentum daily,

    Our “official statement” on the events in Danville this weekend will be posted on our blog soon, but I will share with your readers that the decision to raise a Third National at the Memorial Drive (Robertson Bridge) location was based on the fact that we thought it the most ideal spot to bring the Third National back to Danville. City Council has effectively traded a tiny 3×5 flag, tucked away on a Monument in a quiet section of town, for a massive flag at one of the busiest intersections in the city. She, like the Memorial Battle Flags already raised and those yet to come, will fly as a living, breathing Memorial to our Confederate soldiers and veterans…AND as a constant reminder that there are still many of us with Confederate blood flowing through our veins who will no longer sit quietly by and watch as our history and heritage is destroyed, and our Veterans are the subject of derision that Confederate Gen. Cleburne so prophetically warned us about.

  • LOL. Buffoonery is right! Comments from a man/woman who authors (and links to his/her own) “anonymous” blog where he/she posts social media comments, photos, and posts designed to draw conclusions in the readers’ mind that do not exist. “Anonymous” because he/she knows full well if they used their true identity, they would open themselves up to lawsuits for defamation, considering the garbage they post. FOUR years after we stepped out on the sidewalk in Richmond, these folks are STILL (unsuccessfully) looking for something substantial to tie us to that will “bring us down”. This man/woman apparently spends most of his/her time glued to social media, combing through page after page of information. Sadly, he/she never bothers to read any content that doesn’t suit his/her agenda.

    Petulant children? That’s rich. Check out his/her childish blog. Name-calling and immature behavior are the hallmark of his/her posts. That’s a good thing, though, as it allows anyone of normal intelligence to see right through the purpose, and see the content for what it really is. “Get a life, Susie”? Now THAT’S ironic, considering one glance at his/her hate-filled blog and it is obvious to the reader that the author, like his/her friend over at Crossroads, is obsessed with the Va Flaggers and does very little else except comb the internet searching for some “gotcha” item that might bring good people “down”…simply because they have the nerve to disagree with him/her, and have been successful in pushing back against their hate-filled agenda.

    Honestly, we’re surprised that a respected blog like this one would allow links to an “anonymous” hate blog whose sole intent is obvious to anyone who visits. By the way…here’s a link to our post on the flag dedications this weekend. Compare the content of our blog and the “anonymous” one linked above…and decide for yourself who among us most displays a “lack of empathy… and intellectual disability”.

    • I’m not censoring anybody here. I’d appreciate you including southsidecentral AT southsidecentral DOT com on any press release list that you have.

      • Stephen B Dunn

        You stuffy PC liberals need to loosen a few buttons here..please keep us padvised as to the body count caused by the recently erected Confederate Flags…

        • Julie Cain

          Two Virginia Flaggers were just arrested for a child kidnapping featured on CNN’s The Hunt with John Walsh – look up Megan Everett and Carlos C Lesters.

          The Flaggers played dumb, during and after. Not a word of care. These are some coldhearted folks. But, yeah, everybody’s got free speech.


    • Huntingangel1615

      “Over time and many years I learned to avoid contact with blacks and as a result my feelings of dislike faded to a general live and let live attitude. In the past several years (maybe a little longer) I have learned that most but by no means all blacks are a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous, animals that should be put down like the dogs they are. My opinion of the black race is dismal at best and getting worse.”

      Hubert Wayne Cash – A man who’s land the Virginia Flaggers fly one of their flags on. Bwahahahahaha…

      • I would hope that the Virginia Flaggers condemned Cash’s remarks.

      • straight_shooter

        Your team lost get over it. Your patch of land don’t matter. Your so racist, your pure stupid. Your statements if executed on both sides would leave a lot of people dead. For what? If you believe in God then you can’t be dumb dumb enough to think that your type of southern pride would make anything better. Newsflash Blacks get to vote, use the same bathroom as whites. Last I checked they even got to rent Redbox. I know your world is ruined. You should sell your land that originally belonged to Native Americans and get a ticket to the moon. Sleep tight wimp.

    • Rblee22468

      “Defamation—also calumny, vilification, and traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation as well as other various kinds of defamation that retaliate against groundless criticism.”

      Ms. Hathaway is always welcome at my blog to cite all of the examples of defamation, that is, all of the “false statements”. The invitation will remain open indefinitely.

  • The “Restore the Honor” blog is anonymous and therefore an unreliable source. The blogger, Rblee — I call him/her “De’Stroy — is too cowardly to identify himself (or herself, as the case may be) and uses the timeworn leftist attack methods of assigning guilt by association, and telling half truths (which someone once said is sometimes the same thing as a whole lie). He says he doesn’t hate, but he is gleefully trying to drum up hatred for others and perhaps incite harm against them.

    Yep, straight shooter, the bad guys won. The term “racist” no longer has any meaning, it has been so misapplied. Disagreement with, disapproval of, criticism of — these are not hate or racism, although they are frequently called that, in order for uncertain “anti-racists” to bolster their own sagging moral self-assessment. Who has complained about blacks voting and using the same bathroom as whites? What an irrelevant observation. Why don’t you step forward into the present with us, instead of staying in the past so you can generate the warm fuzzies in yourself by lying about people and calling them racists?

  • Julie Cain, Megan Everett was not a Virginia Flagger. Moreover, kidnapping charges have been dropped against her because Florida case law says a parent can’t be charged with kidnapping their own child. What this means for Mr. Lesters’ charges remains to be seen. How do you know that the Flaggers issued “not a word of care?” You would have to be omniscient and know every word every one of them said/wrote to anybody in order to know what they DIDN’T say, and I am confident you are not omniscient. If you were, you would know, as I do, that they have certainly expressed concern not only about the little girl but others involved in the situation. By use of the word “issue”, what your comment actually means is that you are annoyed that the VaFlaggers are among those who act with dignity and restraint in such situations because, no doubt, in this era of showiness above substance, of theater above sincerity, you are annoyed that they didn’t saturate the internet with histrionic exhibitions of hysteria and hand-wringing about it. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    • Are you high? The management of the group should immediately at least suspend the membership of somebody that does a crime like that, whether they’re charged or not.

      A group is publicly defined by the actions of their worst member. That’s not fair, but that’s the way the world works.

    • Julie Cain

      Megan Everett is a Virginia Flagger in the sense that she waved flags with the Virginia Flaggers. This is how Susan Hathaway defines who is a “Virginia Flagger.” Hathaway has also shared that there is no official membership to the Virginia Flaggers. Good luck arguing this point. Perhaps you could think through whether your sympathies in this case lie primarily with the Virginia Flaggers organization as a whole (they blew off the grieving family) or with one or another of the jailed Flaggers and then write a letter to the Broward court where both Everett and Lesters now face felony charges for their deeds.

      Good luck also with your “issue” (?), whatever you mean by that.

  • Virginia Bourne, you are another who is not omniscient, so you don’t know what they have said about Mr. Cash’s words — to him or anyone else. You are just like Julie Cain, more interested in public displays than actual substance.

    Rblee, I have already pointed out to you your false statements your method of implying guilt by association, your pointing out similarities but not differences because pointing out the differences would put the similarities in a very different light. You also buy into the idiotic notion (or appear to) that if it’s on the internet, it has to be true.

    Some folks, like a few on this thread, get their information about people they don’t like (in this case, the VaFlaggers) from others who don’t like them. Not a good idea, if truth and reality are important to you; but it’s a great method if you want to have your own dislikes and prejudices reinforced.

    • Virginia Bourne

      It’s that Heavy Hitter, y’all! Did they chastise Cash for his racist comments or not? Did Cash apologize or not? Is he still a member of the flaggers or not?

      • “Virginia Borne,” (ha), I don’t know whether they have any more than you do. However, I suspect — and this is just me; I’m not speaking for the VaFlaggers or anyone else, just me — I suspect they don’t have a thought-cop or speech-cop mentality. I suspect that, unlike leftists and self-styled anti-racists, which you probably are, they aren’t concerned with words put on for show, but in attitude and behavior. And if Mr. Cash’s behavior and attitude counters his words that have been posted here (which seems to be the case), they probably put what he does above what he has said. Yep, critics such as yourself are much more interested in public displays than day-to-day behavior. Can you report any incidents of Mr. Cash acting on his words? If not, this is a tempest in a teapot and you’re more interested in show that reality.

        • Virginia Bourne

          “Can you report any incidents of Mr. Cash acting on his words?” Do you mean do I have evidence that he actually “put down” a person “like…dogs that they are” (his words!)? Christ, no I don’t and I hope not to. He made the statements in a public web forum, what good is a private apology (to a bunch of people that I’d bet agree)?

          “Speech-cop?” If you think Hubert Cash’s (or Agnor’s) statements should not be brought out and shamed, exposed for their hatred and banished to the past, well then, I think we know everything we need to know about you and the people that consent to stand beside him and fly flags from his property.

          Say whatever you wanna say, just spell my name right.

        • Are you out of your mind? Somebody doesn’t have to act on their words before you can condemn them. With words like that quote referenced, if you do anything less than condemn them, then you’re just as horrible by implication.

  • I personally disapprove of those statements, and others like them, and I suspect most people in the heritage community do, too. But I also know that a lot of talk like this is just talk, and personal opinion, never acted upon. I also know that the Southern heritage community is not known for violence, credible threats, etc., and I find it mystifying that people would make such a big deal out of words WHILE IGNORING so much actual violence that’s going on, and increasing.

  • Ever since Nikki Haley wrongly but successfully pinned the Charleston tragedy on the Confederate flag, the incidents of violence, vandalism, etc., have been aimed at heritage folks across the South. And in threads like this one that I’ve seen since then, the same people who are so aghast at mere words don’t have a moment of concern to waste on heritage folks who are targets of actual violence and vandalism. As I noted in a comment up-thread, critics of Confederate heritage are more interested in people showing bad manners through their words (but who never act on them) than with people who throw bricks through windows and rocks at vehicles, vandalize property, steal flags and beat people up for displaying flags — and taking video of themselves doing it to upload to social media. That’s public, too, but I’ve heard precious little condemnation of that. I guess, since they didn’t SAY anything objectionable, so they don’t need to be shamed and their hatred and violence doesn’t need to be condemned…. When y’all show as much indignation over people targeting heritage folks with violence and property damage as you do for somebody’s inconsequential words, I might think you have a case. Until then, y’all are just the usual anti-Confederate hypocrites and wielders of double standards.

    • The only thing I’m “anti” on is horsecrap, and you just laid a lot of that down here. If I’m in a club, group, association or anything social and a person associated with the group says or does something horrible, I’m going to immediately move away from that person and say “Um, he doesn’t speak for me.” If the group as a whole doesn’t do that, that’s not a group I want to be in anymore.

      I haven’t taken any side on this matter. In fact, look at this article. I’ve been more than fair to both sides. I’ve praised the good parts of both sides and hammered the bad parts.

  • Southside Central, if you’re more interested in words than behavior, fine, do whatever you like; but kindly refrain from imposing your standards AND your judgementalness onto others. Lemme see if I can explain it to you. Follow these two links and watch the video clips from Rescue Me, where a group of firemen are being forced to take “sensitivity training” — apparently because a female fireman … fireperson? … complained. Particularly listen to what the Dennis Leary character says at the end — if he goes into a burning building and refuses to rescue anyone except those of his own color, THEN he will take “sensitivity training.”

    Rescue Me – Sensitivity Training Pt.1 … AND … Rescue Me – Sensitivity Training Pt.2

    (Continued next comment)

  • That fits my concept of racism — behavior, not words. Self-styled “anti-racists” and Confederate heritage critics are focused totally on words. When the words are objectionable AND the behavior matches, then you have a case. When they don’t match *I* go by the behavior. If any of these people said all sorts of nice things about, say, blacks folks, but then exhibited objectionable behavior toward them just because of their race, I wouldn’t trust the words, get it? By the same token, if somebody “talks racist” but doesn’t exhibit racist behavior toward someone, I’m not going to be overly concerned with what they say, particularly now, when the whole country is in a racial uproar. I may disapprove of that kind of language, but to me, how people TREAT others is what’s important.

    I know a man, a rather well known heritage advocate and activist, who is excoriated as a “racist” by race-obsessed bloggers because of things he’s said, (generally namecalling) but this man does business with blacks, counts them among his clients, has cordial relationships with them, has interacted with them socially. To me, his behavior negates his objectionable words. And he is not an isolated example.

  • Julie Cain, Megan Everett is not a Virginia Flagger in any sense. The Flaggers may not have “an official membership list” but they are on record — in the media — stating that they have a core group of about fifty people, most (though not all) from around Richmond, who flag regularly. I know of only two people from out of state who are included in the group, though there may be some I am not aware of. I do know that numerous visitors have flagged with them from time to time. Megan was a visitor. She visited Virginia twice with her boyfriend, who WAS a Flagger, and she flagged WITH the group, as a number of other visitors have done. You need to quit soaking up the venom from Brooks Simpson’s Xroads. He hates the Flaggers. He’s not a reliable source.

  • “Blew off” the grieving family? You only know one side of that and until you see the whole picture, you’re just blowing smoke, so “blow off,” is indeed your interesting interpretation of refraining from interacting with people who have done what that “grieving family” did — making accusations, slandering, defaming the character of several core Flaggers in Richmond who had no involvement in or knowledge of that event. I wouldn’t have anything to do with people who did things like that either, especially if they purported to want my help.

    For most of the time the little girl was missing, there was nothing in any media reports about anyone else being under investigation for involvement in Everett’s flight. In fact, the arrest and charges against Lesters were unreported until AFTER the girl was found.

    Yes, he and Everett still have charges against them, but not kidnapping.

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