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NumbersCentral: How many students in Danville Public Schools?

At Thursday night’s Danville School Board meeting, they discussed the customary enrollment count taken at the start of the school year. I found these numbers to be quite interesting, so I wanted you to see them too.

Let’s go to the NumbersCentral!

The first thing to remember is that these numbers are not final. Kathy Osborne said that up to 50 to 75 students can enroll on the Tuesday after Labor Day. For more observations, let’s bring on a Big Board!

  • Forest Hills has the fewest elementary students (283), with Gibson having the most (611).
  • The incoming freshman class at GW has over 50% more students than the graduating senior class has now.
  • About one out of every six 9th-12th graders go to Galileo High School.
  • Three 7th graders are already in the Alternative School.
  • Westwood & Bonner middle schools are pretty much equally divided in student count.

If you can think of any more observations on the data, put them in the comments section.

We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!


4 comments to NumbersCentral: How many students in Danville Public Schools?

  • Fred Shanks

    The 50 more students entering than graduating last year is very noteworthy. Remember to compare that number when that incoming class graduates. (X-y = ?).

  • Fred Shanks

    Since the State Dept of Ed. compensates the City partially on number of students, how does the 6025 compare to the attendance in DPS last March. That is an x- y = $$$ number worth knowing, so we can project important numbers through the end of the year.

  • Galileo parent

    Galileo is awesome…..would never have my kid at GW…would move before I would let that happen.

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