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BreakDown: The Threat to Larry Campbell

I’ve spoken with State Police on this, so now I can give out more information on the “threat” that Larry Campbell talked about at last night’s Danville City Council meeting. Let’s do a BreakDown.

The Virginia Fusion Center is a clearinghouse for all potential threats and liabilities that come from law enforcement intelligence operations. Yesterday, a video clip was released by someone claiming to represent a group called “Anonymous CSA”. This is a take on the well-known “Anonymous” hacktivist group that cyber-attacks organizations that do bad things.

The threat to Campbell and two other elected officials was to “dox” them. “Doxxing” is the release of personal information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, credit reports and things like that. It’s embarrassing and can cause identity theft problems, but it’s not a physical threat in any way. The Fusion Center said the group had not shown any indications of technical capabilities and that the group wasn’t believed to have the capabilities to commit computer intrusions.

The report also said that the real Anonymous group could show this Anonymous CSA group some negative intentions because that’s not the way the real “Anonymous” group operates and the new group would be corrupting their name by their efforts.

There you go, folks.

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