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RandomThoughts! (5/26/15)

Who in the heck would read an article titled OrganizedThoughts?

I really can’t think randomly without a Big Board, you know…

  • Halifax County’s Industrial Development Authority is now playing “Go Big or Go Home!” with all of their big gambles for business recruitment. Now that they’ve (sorta) announced what they’re going for, the game is on. It’s been 3.5 years since Matt Leonard and his team has hit a home run in economic development The pressure was already building and if nothing comes out of these announced prospects, yeesh! Meanwhile, Jeff Reed is sitting back chuckling.
  • That was a long and probably not-so-RandomThought. Feh, who cares?
  • Zaxby’s? Yum! Thursdays, it’s 99 cent Nibblerz sandwiches all day long.
  • Speaking of Thursday, “Tunes at the Saloon” brings Matt Crowder to Texas Steakhouse from 6 to 9 PM. SouthsideCentral will be there, so come join us!
  • It’s the week of the National Spelling Bee. Did you know that there was a Danville connection to a past champion? Ned Andrews won in 1994 and was an assistant commonwealth’s attorney in Danville for a while after graduating from law school. Ned’s National Spelling Bee appearance was hilariously mocked on an episode of ESPN’s “Cheap Seats”. Ned also went on to set a record for answering 49 questions correctly as a Mob member on “1 vs. 100”.
  • It’s hard to understand how the Danville bus system works if you have no idea to begin with.
  • I still listen to WBTM’s 1330AM signal when I want to catch the local news. The FM signal is erratic at times.
  • The new CEO of Danville Regional Medical Center, Alan Larson, is under a lot of pressure to be an Eric Deaton clone to the community very quickly. He’s also under pressure not to be an Eric Deaton clone to a lot of the hospital employees.
  • Matt Bell is a great photographer. Web hosting space is cheap. The Register & Bee should post large galleries of his event photos on their website instead of less than 20 (and rarely that many).

That’s some RandomThoughts! for Tuesday. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

2 comments to RandomThoughts! (5/26/15)

  • Long time resident

    Big talk but never materializes in Halifax. Predictions always overstated. Little emphasis on improving County infrastructure. Nothing will improve until many changes in leadership.

  • Just reviewing

    Not sure I understand the Eric Deaton comment. I get the community piece but not the employee piece.

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