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RandomThoughts! (4/25/15)

What’s on my Random mind?

You know we’ve got to have a Big Board for RandomThoughts!

  • I just realized that Danville Wine Festival event was today. Oops. I wonder how much fake blond went through the storm drains today.
  • So how many people have taken dance lessons at that new dance studio on North Main Hill?
  • I like how the Danville Parks & Recreation lumped the Harry Wooding statue into the Danville Art Trail package. Seven “what the hell is it?” pieces of sculpture and then one short white guy who sorta looks like Colonel Sanders.
  • Seriously, the Danville Art Trail sculptures look very nice. It’s a nice walk and a great idea.
  • There was a primary for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors today. Members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will make $95,000 a year. Seriously. $95,000.
  • If you put a lot of toppings on your yogurt at Sweet Frog, you’re paying over $7.00 a pound for pineapple and jelly beans.
  • Ebay Enterprise in Henry County is expanding with another 191 jobs. 95% of them will pay under $10 an hour. They go through more employees than a call center. They got $710,000 from the Tobacco Commission for the expansion.
  • So who bought the old Belk-Leggett building in Downtown Danville?

That’s my RandomThoughts for today. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

7 comments to RandomThoughts! (4/25/15)

  • Lee Smallwood

    Fairfax has an over $3 billion annual budget. It looks like Danville is like $100 million and Pittsylvania County is more like $175 million. The Virginia budget is nearly $50 billion. Fairfax is therefore much closer to having a state level budget than to what Danville or even Pittsylvania County is. In fact, it appears the budget for Fairfax County is almost exactly the same size as the budget for the State of Delaware.

    As far as Sweet Frog goes, the prices you quote are the reason I wonder why they don’t put more effort into just selling bulk candy there like a candy store. They seem to have plenty of traffic — I would think they should lease the space next door and really knock out an expansion of what they do.

    Finding out who bought a building should be trivial unless you’re suggesting somebody is obscuring their identity.

  • trevor

    speaking of stores who need expansions or relocation. Chic Fillet on riverside needs to relocate. its popularity has outgrown that location. finding a parking spot is almost never. I drive by there and I DO look

    • I see plenty of people use the back row of Aldi’s parking lot for Chick-Fil-A.

      • Lee Smallwood

        I have long thought they’d end up kicking themselves for not either moving out of the mall for a Coleman outparcel, moving the Riverside location there, or opening a new one there. The parking is an issue, but the drive through is the big issue. Using personnel out there with tablets is innovative, but that has to add up. The Cookout style double drive through really helps.

  • Jerry

    Random thought: When is SouthsideCentral going to do another restaurant review? I enjoy those.

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