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Thumbs! (1/30/2015)

Did you notice that our Thumbs! are now color-coded? Oooooooohhhh, pretty!

Thumbs UP! is good. Thumbs DOWN! is bad. Green is good. Red is bad. Big Boards are always good!

  • Thumbs UP! to the induction of Wendell Scott into the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. I won’t mention that it should have been done years ago. Thumbs UP! also to Danville’s economic development department for recognizing the tourism and promotional aspect of this event. They bought an advertisement in the official program and are leading a city delegation to the event.
  • Thumbs UP! to the JTI Fountain at Danville’s Main Street Plaza. It’s survived the cold weather without icespraying any passing vehicles and it’s been surprisingly soap bubble-free for a long time. Don’t get any ideas, people.
  • Finally, Thumbs UP! to Danville Harvest Jubilee (why do they still use that name anymore since the Harvest Jubilee has been dead for at least 15 years?) for coming up with the Cabin Fever Music Series of concerts at the Community Market. The first one was on Friday night, with the next two coming up on February & March 27th. Tickets are a reasonable $7.

That’s a quick Thumbs! article. Hey lookie, they were all UP! More coming up on SouthsideCentral!

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