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Thumbs! (1/12/2015)

You want my Thumbs! I know you do. Heh Heh.

Ok, that was a bizarre introduction. Blame it on a stomach virus. 😀 Up is Good. Down is Bad. Big Board is Coming.

  • Thumbs DOWN! to the Halifax County Board of Supervisors. I called them jackasses before for failing to elect a chairman (or do any other business) because of an idiotic refusal for anybody to move from a 4-4 tie. Now they’re digging in their heels and it’s a standoff. I’ll do another BreakDown article on what’s going on and where the battle lines seem to be drawn soon.
  • Thumbs UP! to the always-terrific Bunny Propst for figuring out what I really meant and didn’t write correctly above. Go buy a car from her at Riverdale Auto Sales. Great cars, great deals, great service! 😀
  • While we’re talking about Halifax County, Thumbs DOWN! to the stupid idea of have an even number of members on the Board of Supervisors (eight). Tie votes accomplish nothing except both sides of the issue losing. Oh yeah, Thumbs DOWN! to Henry County’s Board of Supervisors too. They have an even number (six). They had a tiebreaker seat, but eliminated that in 2007. Dummies.
  • Let’s flip those Thumbs! to a Thumbs UP! for Bill Wyatt’s Martinsville Daily and Martinsville Chat websites. He updates the Martinsville Daily website constantly with happenings in the Martinsville/Henry County area, and the Martinsville Chat website lets people comment about what they want too. I strongly encourage you bookmark those sites and visit regularly. It’s good to have another perspective on things in the Southside. Bill also owns and operates WHEE-AM, WMVA-AM and WYAT-TV. Chatmoss Cable subscribers, you can watch WYAT-TV on Channel 16.

That’s some Thumbs! for today. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!


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