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Time Machine: Zeyuan Flooring’s Move!

Let’s hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and head back to April 14th. That’s the day when we got a Spin-O-Rama about the GOK Furniture company and Zeyuan Flooring.

Here’s the SouthsideCentral article where we predicted nothing promised would ever happen.

We’re closing in on four months after this announcement. I’m shocked and surprised that absolutely no “outdoor furniture and commercial chairs for offices and restaurants” have been produced by GOK yet. Oh yeah, no Chinese rugs to put under that furniture, either.

But hey, all is not lost on that prediction yet. Zeyuan Furniture is taking over the lease of the GOK building and has moved in by now, I’m sure!

Let’s jump back to the present and head out to the All New Zeyuan Flooring! Hooray!


Well, I’m sure they’ve got the entrance ready and a nice lobby!



Maybe they’ve got their priorities in the correct order and have the employee entrance ready to go!


Well, I’m sure those big ol’ electrical transformer are humming away with all their production!


Well… how about that nice fountain that was out by the main entrance?

YES! There may not be a fountain here anymore, but the water spout thing works. I turned it on just to see. Heh!

OK. So they may be a bit behind schedule, but I’m sure that Zeyuan Flooring has put up their new sign to make me reassured that they’re actually going to deliver on their promises. So let’s take a look at that beautiful new sign!


Hoo Boy. I predicted horsecrap on April 14th, and we’ve got horsecrap now.

I think I just figured out the “China Strategy”. I bet you have too.

10 comments to Time Machine: Zeyuan Flooring’s Move!

  • Local Business Owner

    The sad thing is that our local Danville business was forced out of the town because spaces like this were not available. I do understand, after all a local business that has paid taxes on time and employed locals since 2006 isn’t as sexy as a Chinese company. Even today, given the chance at a decent rent, I would have that place humming within 45 days AND hire additional local employees.

    To be clear, I completely understand the desire to attract new companies but more common sense needs to be used when deciding who and when. I do support them putting the incentives into buildings that they can claw back instead of blindly handling out cash. But they need to be supporting existing businesses better.

  • Screwed again and never been kissed

    I don’t think a single business that was recruited here was vetted. They showed up for a check, got it left town and all the big important city leaders got their pictures in the paper. Now “we the people”, will be left to pay the loans back.

  • Nicole

    Yep! I understand the need for closed doors during the recruiting of business, but after the fact every cent of tax payer money should be accounted for whether it is $1.00 or $10 million. There is a reason it is so hard for businesses to borrow money from financial institutions…they actually vet the business, look at business plans, and secure the loans before handing over the check. Desperate times does not always call for desperate measures, sometimes common sense should prevail.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been searching the Interweb trying to find a version of the New Treasure Hunt “Klunk” music that you could imbed with this article. Alas it seems that Emile Autouri has absconded with it!

  • Jeff

    I’ll trade for what’s in the box….ohhh it’s rice-a-roni!

  • Monica Karavanic

    Let’s all support the local businesses who have started on their own without any help from the City. My husband and I started a hardwood flooring/cabinetry company (Old Oak Hardwoods) right here in Danville 3+ years ago. Businesses like ours are not easy to start and maintain, due to the overhead included (utilities, workman’s comp, rent, etc.), so we depend on local citizens supporting us.

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