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Outsider/Insider Art Show – LIVE!

We had a terrific time at tonight’s art show. Enjoy the photos, folks!

We’re LIVE! at 600 Craghead Street for tonight’s “Outsider/Insider Art Show”. Come on down to Davis Storage Warehouse #4 and enjoy the beautiful artwork. Click here to learn more about tonight’s art show, and refresh this page often to get the latest happenings and photos. Once we’re back home from here, we’ll add other photos and commentary.

Come on down and have fun with the arts!

Here’s the photos. We’ll recap this awesome event tomorrow!

Spark Schmitt talks about his artworks.

SouthsideNephew Drew Granger shows off his creation called “Intersections”

SouthsideSister Susan Granger shows off “Faith”, her photo collage.

Ben Wright is tonight’s DJ and does an excellent job.

Sculpture is also a part of tonight’s show


Susan Granger explains her concept to Drew Granger. (Hey, it’s my family so they get extra coverage!)

And there you have it! More photos than any other local media will ever print…

We had a great time at this great event. The arts community is truly for everybody.

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