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Fun With Danville Utilities!

Another Danville Utilities employee arrested. Although I might not want to know the answer, I’ll ask the question anyway. “What’s next?”

Here’s the official statement that the Danville Police Department released today…

A City of Danville Utilities Department employee was charged and arrested at the police department, following an investigation of stolen property belonging to the City of Danville. On 07-14-14 Adrien Drew Roberson, age 35, of Ringgold, VA was charged and arrested on one (1) count of grand larceny. This charge stems from an Investigation into the theft of landscaping equipment belonging to the City Of Danville. Roberson has been placed on indefinite suspension from City employment pending a personnel investigation. Roberson was taken before a magistrate and released pending trial. The investigation is continuing.

Let’s take a look at the guy in all his of cinderblock wall glory.

Adrien Roberson

It’s been a wild few months at Danville Utilities. First we had a supervisor charged with cutting off a “friend”‘s electricity service, then a few weeks ago we had a Danville Utilities employee commit suicide in a cemetery after something happened work-related. Now this.

What’s next? Danville Utilities employees getting in big trouble for forging timeclock records? Nah… couldn’t be that. Could it?


16 comments to Fun With Danville Utilities!

  • Lee Smallwood

    I feel so much better about that giant rate increase now…said nobody.

  • craig setliff

    so when are we going to get a new city mangner ?????????????????

  • A. Keck

    You mean, Danville Futilities? My power went out early yesterday morning and I called to notify them, but was told by their automated system that my account could not be identified using my home phone number (although I’ve had this problem “corrected” several times in the last seven years). So, I got a flashlight and found my 18-digit account number on a bill and called back, but again was told by the automated system that my number was invalid. I waited until 0830 and called a third time, hoping to speak to a human, but was told that due to high call volumes, I should leave a message and someone will return my call. I believe I heard a snicker in the background during this recording. I have yet to receive a call, although my power was restored. My experiences with the field technicians have always been excellent, but trying to communicate with DU administration has become a comedic exercise.

  • Sheila B

    Unfortunately, human contact is a “punishment” for automation these days. There are very few places you can call and the first person you speak with is speaking to you in real time! LOL!

  • Still mad

    We have had a lot of fun with Danville utilities. SC can you find out what percent of our utility bills goes to pay for things other than utilities? And how about those hilarious “customer charges” that appeared awhile back?
    Oh and if you own a small business you get your electricity charges doubled by a humorous little charge called “customer usage”. Danville city budget is a joke. Citizens should realize the dumbass that brokered this deal with the power supplier is no longer in Danville. How many cities use utility income to run the rest of the services??

    • Sure. I’ll get an explanation article of how the charges are broken down by line item.

    • Beentheredonethat

      The person that broker the deal is gone but the BAFOONS that approved it is now your City
      Manager. The blame is on the King

      • False. It was approved by the hospital’s Board of Directors.

        • Still mad

          SC I think been there done that is referring to my post regarding the head of utilities that brokered the deal with power co in Ohio. I wonder why a southern locality would have ever agreed to average charges with the northeast over the course of any winter.

          • Before that bought from AMP. They purchased from Cintergy at a rick bottom price based out of Ohio, the same place AMP is based. So it isn’t the location they are buying from it is the contract they agreed to. They got a terrible deal and are locked in. So Danville we be paying out if the nose for years to come. Thanks to your city Manager.

  • Still mad

    You are da man! We went downtown about the customer usage fee and never got an answer except that is just the way it is. Ha. The bldg we bought did not switch over utilities for 60 days and guess what? They didn’t have that charge but they had been in business since 1960 in that location. Thanks!

  • Jerry


    If you really want to do the citizens of Danville a service…..It would be amazing if you would post the general fund contribution from utilities to the City budget. I think a heck of a lot of Danvillians don’t believe that the utility revenues should be funding other city services. I know that a lot of residents have no idea that their utility bills don’t just pay utilities. Rather, they help fund the general fund by a “transfer” from utilities.

    This is dirty pool IMO. Municipal utilities are a relic of the past. Danville is using its electric company as something of a “cash cow” to avoid raising taxes/slashing services. I’ll guarantee that the “City Councilors” won’t touch this if you ask them about it. Why are utility funds going to to “transfers” to the City’s general fund?

  • trevor

    city cronies ( city council) members are a joke –probably all across the US of Aye. lee vogler was to be the saving grace—young new blood—what has he done outstanding for the good? a new kid on block is on the council –let’s see where is heart is as the future is before us

  • Observer

    I will also give you all a bit if info. Neighbors helping neighbors is only helping city folks. Even if you live in the county and donate it still helps city people and the City social services folks that get assistance. So if you want to help people in the county with the electric bills when they are down on their luck, just go directly to the County Social services and make a donation.

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