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RandomThoughts! (7/10/2014)

Not all thoughts are Random ones. These are.

The Big Board approaches…

  • A 15-year old kid from northern Pittsylvania County goes “missing” on Monday. The sheriff’s office sends out a press release on Thursday. Yeah.
  • Being on Jeopardy! and winning one day gets you a lot of local press. Losing on your 2nd day gets you no local press.
  • Hidden Treasure for this article? The Halifax County Visitor’s Center located at the intersection of 360 & 58. Local wines for sale, friendly people, lots of interesting things to look at. It’s worth the drive just for a fun day trip and even Halifax County residents will like what they find there.
  • Exactly how does somebody steal three pieces of heavy equipment from Industrial Avenue & Westover Drive without the police or anybody else even noticing that something doesn’t look right?
  • I can’t help but think that the new Danville YMCA will just slide into the Dan River one day.
  • OK, Woodall Used Cars pulled off making their new location not look like Short Sugar’s. There’s still a smokehouse behind the building, though.
  • Phi-lly Cheesesteaks and Things wants to re-open in Danville, but they’ve got to find a place that’s not so expensive and has plenty of parking.
  • Ever since some commenters mentioned it from the last article, how has Danville’s Sears store not closed yet? They closed the one in Lynchburg due to slow business. The one in Martinsville closed after the owners of the mall wouldn’t give them another long-term lease. The Danville store now closes at 8PM, one hour earlier than the rest of the mall closes.

That’s my RandomThoughts! for the day. More coming up on SouthsideCentral…



24 comments to RandomThoughts! (7/10/2014)

  • observer

    Are they saying they didn’t have enought parking on Riverside at their own location. Philly steak that is. The press release from the county i was thinking the same thing. And also it came out before 2am this morning.. Go figure. An animal missing from the Humane Society will get an info alert quicker. Dan River Flood. Good by Y. Totally agree. A car from Woodall will be spotted missing before heavy equipment. That’s all i have… Good Job.

    • Foodie

      Parking wasn’t an issue at their Riverside location but it was when they were downtown. They did good business downtown but they outgrew that space. Very little parking up there too. Moved to Riverside into a space probably a little bigger than what they needed. Then everything around them started closing (Short Sugar’s, Libby Hill, etc) and from what I understand, that building needed more repairs than they were led to believe.

      The food is great there. Super nice people. I hope they can find a space that works for them. I think it’s great that they’re still trying to make it work here in Danville and to the best of my knowledge, have never taken any city money either.

      • Lee Smallwood

        Based on that, I’d suggest to them checking into the open space between the Wells Fargo and Planet Fitness in the Riverside shopping center. I’d think there is room to accommodate them, parking, traffic, etc. If it is building condition much more than traffic, it does stand to reason that the Libby Hill location is ready for a restaurant. Failing that I’m trying to think of some good place perhaps on or near Piney Forest.

  • Lee Smallwood

    I don’t even get name checked for the Sears thing? Ha ha. Sears has been closing an hour early I think ever since the economic downturn. I have my doubts that policy will be allowed to continue past the end of their lease in Danville if I understand HSG’s actions right. If this were oddsmakers, I’d say there’s probably a 75% chance they will close before whenever their lease is up. Craftsman tools at KMart. That’s Danville’s future.

    If Phi-lly is so good it would be worth the drive, maybe they ought to consider the old Dickey’s location on 58. Aside from that, I don’t have a lot of suggestions. The affordable retail/dining options in Danville aren’t really all that numerous. Actually maybe they could stay closer to the city and locate near Reubens in the building HOME Oxygen is now in. Parking means the old VC location is right out. Is there another decent conversion option down there on South Main like O’Kellys did? I don’t get down there much.

    The YMCA is in a terrible location from a number of perspectives. I so wish they’d have been on the other bank of the river.

    • Just for that, I’m going to put you in the next OddsMakers. I’ll make it topics that you shouldn’t have a conflict of interest on and we’ll have fun with them. Message me with any prop items that you can think of. Heh.

    • Gracie

      The dickies location is already taken. A new restaurant is going to be opening there in a month or so. Beside that is piedmont credit union and little office spaces.

    • Still mad

      Ben Davenport didn’t own the other side of the river…the powers that be said they would put it next to White Mill until they sold it. Evidently the new owners didn’t play with the boys at the bank

      • Lee Smallwood

        Well I will say this about that — the new owners of the White Mill do appear to be idiots based on how they threw out actual rent paying businesses to put up that perimeter fence and they have exactly NOTHING to show for anything they have done.

        Still, the city I think would have profited much more from the Y being on the other side.

  • Traveler

    Parking shouldn’t have been a problem for Philly at that location and look at all the traffic up & down Riverside.—– this was their 3rd location.
    That should tell you something.

  • Philosopher

    Sears still have good sales though . They sell a variety of things from lawn mowers to refrigerators to clothes…So, people shop there. @South Central-where did phillycheesesteak and things used to be. Were they located on Riverside drive where the old rax used to be?

  • Jerry

    I’m pretty shocked that Sears can keep doing that. As I understand it, most malls require stores to remain open for the mall’s business hours. If you don’t, they have clauses in their leases that allow for termination. Now, I suppose the mall could be exercising its discretion not to terminate the lease….but that would be odd.

    Boscov’s is still doing well in their other locations. I’ve never quite figured out why the Danville one closed. I thought that was a pretty good store.

    • General Growth Properties (the mall owner at the time) needed an anchor store in Danville, and Boscov’s wanted more stores in GGP malls elsewhere.

      Boscov’s was “talked into” putting a store into Piedmont Mall so they would have better chances to go into GGP malls elsewhere. The store was way out of the supply chain (nearest store in MD) and the days of the everything-in-one-place department store were dying.

  • Philosopher

    Boscov was expensive…. And the mall does not want to terminate any contracts..If they terminate Sears contract then they will have no money. There is already hardly any stores in the mall.

  • Centurian

    Piedmont Credit Union opened a location at the old Dicky’s location about two months ago

  • Jim

    I continue to be amazed that the place on Industrial Avenue didn’t get cleaned out every night. I mean, expensive equipment, sitting outdoors, in that neighborhood, with little more than a chain for theft prevention.

    Either Danville isn’t as bad as I perceive, or the element who would steal this stuff, until now, didn’t have the means to haul it away. Hmm, I think I just answered my own question.

  • trevor

    the mall needs another and more eateries—-perhaps phillycheesesteak should go there or were they once in the mall ?

    • Lee Smallwood

      Yep, they have been there and done that.

      It’s a little difficult to know what to suggest for the mall food court. Boardwalk Fries?

  • trevir

    Danville mall has food options not a court—-or a mini food court—-jr food court—FOur Seasons mall has a FOOD COURT !!!! pitiful–BUT Danville has a Thai food restaurant tho !! and an uppity bistro…where/?? river district. look for a Greek Restaurant NEXT according to the so-called, alleged SURVEY.

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