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Clucked Up

It’s time for a quick laugh around these SouthsideCentral parts…

Check out this article from Wednesday’s Martinsville Bulletin. See if you notice something hidden inside it.

Chicken proposal concerns panel

Reporter Mickey Powell has scrambled up a story and isn’t afraid to walk on eggshells to report the news. He’s ready to poach any headlines that he can stick his beak into. I’m just disappointed that he didn’t get a “Rooster Walk” joke in, but I’m glad he was able to sneak this one out of the henhouse.

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2 comments to Clucked Up

  • Jim

    I can fricas-see all sorts of problems with keeping chickens in the city. I’m crying fowl!

  • observer

    Next they will say people can’t have vegetable gardens in the city. The tillers create to much noise. and the gardens create to many deer, deer cause accidents and the public works can’t keep up with the road kill. ETC.

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