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Burn, Baby, Burn! School Records Inferno!

Things are getting hot in the Halifax County School System, and it’s only partially because of a document bonfire behind Meadville Elementary School…

Around mid-September, Brenda Tune-Fuller was removed as principal from Meadville Elementary School and assigned to an assistant principal job at Cluster Springs Elementary School. That re-assignment didn’t last long as she was soon placed on administrative leave. Questions and rumors started going around the county about why an established school administrator got shut up in the closet so quickly, and I’ve got enough information now through credible sources to put some pieces of the puzzle together.

Sources (who have to remain anonymous) have told me that school system administrators were called to Meadville Elementary School one day because Fuller was behind the school burning school system documents in a barrel. I’ve been able to discover that administrators were able to salvage some of the burned papers. I’ve also found out that Fuller was in the process of cleaning out her office that day so it would seem that she knew something was about to happen. Administrators & School Board members have been tight-lipped about this because it’s a “personnel matter”, but I’ve also been told that an investigation is ongoing with employees being called in to talk with lawyers and administrators. I haven’t been able to find out whether law enforcement is working with the school system on this situation, but I’m assuming that destruction of records would fall into potential criminal activity. I have also been told that the investigation is now looking at more than just the document destruction.

This story is developing and I’m actively searching for more sourcing on what’s going on. More to come…

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