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Thumbs! (8/12/12 Edition)

We’ve got some Thumbs! and they’re ready to go…

Let’s start the thumbing…

  • Thumbs UP! to the Halifax American Debs all-star team for winning the Dixie Softball World Series this past week. But I’m giving a giant Thumbs DOWN! to the system that starts with¬† every coach’s kid “surprisingly” making the all-star team then robbing the kids of their summer vacations by making them play ball in horribly hot summer conditions all over the southeast. Congratulations kids, here’s your trophy… now get back into school. There’s also a special Thumbs DOWN! that’s waiting for the so-called parents in the system who are horrible examples at sportsmanship during the regular and all-star seasons (and you know what I’m talking about).
  • Let’s stay in Halifax County for the next Thumb. The “top candidate” for the Town of Halifax Police Department has said “no thanks” to the job offer for the vacant chief’s position. Here’s a Thumbs DOWN! to the personnel committee of the town council for not realizing that the “top candidate” would be one of the three police officers that already work in the town. Rob Wilmoth, Stuart Comer and David Irby already know the town of Halifax and pretty much everybody that lives there. The police chief in Halifax does regular patrols like any other officer would and it’s ridiculous to go outside the town when you have good, competent employees that already work there. If the residents of the town want to spend their tax money on a police department even though the county Sheriff’s Department is sitting right in the middle of the town, more power to them… but they should demand a stop to the waste of tax money for this job search that has now gone on for over seven months.
  • I know that there’s no way around it and that the city has no choice, but I’m still giving a ceremonial Thumbs DOWN! for yet another street closure as the last remnants of the Downtowner motel are destroyed. In this final street closing, the city is forced to shut down the only direct link to the only public parking lot in downtown Danville (even though it’s usually half filled with the cars of people who work downtown). If city officials ever needed to see a sign why the soon-to-be-empty space needs to be converted to additional downtown parking, maybe this will be that sign.

Feedback below, please!

2 comments to Thumbs! (8/12/12 Edition)

  • Chris Dunlap

    You are right about downtown parking. Until the poweres that be realize THAT is the way to get people downtown all the “streetscapes” in the world won’t help.

  • The only way that the Town of Halifax can forgo having a police department is to no longer be a town. All towns in Virginia must have a police department.

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