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The Lynchburg Tea Party steps into a smelly pile of media-banning horsecrap.

Good news: Robert Hurt & Bob Goodlatte are speaking at Thursday’s Lynchburg Tea Party meeting

Bad news: You’re not going to hear what they have to say unless you’re a Lynchburg Tea Party member because they’ve banned the media from attending.

Media not invited to Tea Party meeting with Hurt, Goodlatte

I purposely stayed away from all news this weekend but found out about this today. Needless to say, I was outraged. I sent a message to Mark Lloyd who immediately called me back and was very nice about explaining the Tea Party’s rationale. I understood his viewpoint but I told him that I strongly disagreed with it because anytime a politician makes a speech, the media should be allowed to cover it. Now that we’re in the election season, it’s even more important for people to hear from the candidates as much as they can.

I called Robert Hurt’s campaign manager tonight and left a message telling him that in my opinion, it looks poorly upon his candidate when he chooses to speak at an event where the media has been banned by the organizers. I plan on doing the same thing in a phone call to Bob Goodlatte’s campaign tomorrow.

(Disclaimer: I am the owner/operator of and work for Star News Corporation. I make my paycheck covering news like this.)

Now let’s go to the “fun yet disturbing” part of this…

Lynchburg Tea Party site: August 5th Meeting – Speakers: Hurt & Goodlatte

Let’s look at the comments left by “Lynchburg Tea Party”.

In what way has the media been a friend to the tea party? In NO WAY is the answer to that. We are called Racists. Terrorists. Etc. There will be cameras there. OURS!

Dear “Lynchburg Tea Party”: I don’t care one bit about your views. As a member of the media, I would be there to cover what the candidates had to say. The media is there to cover the story.

The announcment does not say “Lynchburg Tea Party ‘members’ ” so if you consider yourself a participant in the TP then come and bring a friend.

Dear “Lynchburg Tea Party”: Now it appears that anybody can come as long as they “consider themselves a participant in the TP”? I’m getting confused here. Now there’s a membership requirement?

I’ve asked mark to craft a clarification for you and others. Bring your spouse by all means.

Dear “Lynchburg Tea Party”: I get it now. You’re making this up as you go.

I strongly suspect that “Lynchburg Tea Party” is Kurt Feigel, who has a frequent habit of dogma-driven outbursts. Anyway, I hope that both Robert Hurt & Bob Goodlatte rethink their commitments to speak in front of this group and any other group that would ban the media. Mark Lloyd is better than this decision and I hope he changes his mind.

42 comments to The Lynchburg Tea Party steps into a smelly pile of media-banning horsecrap.

  • Tarheel


    The whaaambulance will be by shortly.

    This happens all the time, and I see nothing wrong with it. Tea parties, like local democrat and republican unit meetings can be as private or as open to the media as the organizers/leaders want them to be.

    The media has had and will have plenty of opportunities to cover these gentlemen.

  • Stephen

    When I read this about this LTP meeting, I just shook my head.

    There are a few troubling things that reflect poorly on the LTP:

    1. “closed to the media”

    Huh? Don’t you want to get on the evening news? Don’t you want people to hear what Hurt has to say? What you all have to say? What are you afraid of? What are you trying to hide?

    2. no recording devices without permission

    In this day and age, this is ridiculous. Again, what are you afraid of? Don’t you want people to hear what Hurt has to say? What you all have to say? What are you afraid of? What are you trying to hide?

    3. only people involve with the tea party and invited guests

    You don’t want to encourage participation in the political process? Attract new members by welcoming them into an open meeting? If I lived in the Lynchburg Area, you would have successsully discouraged me from coming to this meeting.

    4. No other candidates, campaign staff, or party workers will be permitted.

    More of the same…just silliness.

    5. “This same courtesy will be extended to other campaigns that have been invited for future meetings.”

    This is a courtesy? IMHO, it makes candidates who attend such a closed meeting look bad.

    The Jefferson Area Tea Party recently had Hurt at a meeting. It was an open meeting. There were no restrictions on attendance, media, or recording devices. The only thing that was requested by Carole was that people be respectful, and that during the Q&A, that people not make speeches, and to be brief. The local TV station recorded the entire thing (it was on the news that evening), and so did some of the members (some of it is now on youtube). IMHO, this is a good thing. A guy from Perriello’s campaign recorded the whole thing, and even followed Hurt around afterwards, even out into the parking lot. I know he was just trying to catch Hurt making a gaffe, but so what? This is part of politics today. I think candidates are better for it. How did this meeting turned out? Very well. There were no issues. Everyone was respectful and well behaved (even the Perriello guy), and the main objective was surely met – to give people a chance to hear from Hurt…

  • kelley in virginia

    Stephen, I agree that the LTP should have used this event to attract new members. Imagine one sitting Congressman & one future Congressman as headliners to an event? It doesn’t happen often in the Lynchburg area.

    Maybe this closed event is a fundraiser? Big fundraisers are sometimes by invitation only with no press allowed.

  • Dissa

    How in the hell can they say the media has done them no favors? They’re ALWAYS in the news, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially when you’re a fringe group playing on fear and spouting lies.

  • Will White

    If we would have elected truely conservative Republican leaders over the past ten years we wouldn’t have a Tea Party now and here we are trying to do it again by electing Robert Hurt.

  • kelley in virginia

    congrats to Bruce for getting traffic from NLS.

  • Jeff Clark is a tea party member will he be welcomed?

  • In The 5th

    FWIW, this was a collaboration between Sean Harrison of Robert Hurt’s campaign and Mark, and the decision was run by Kurt for the OK. So you can thank them, in that order.

    Editor’s Note: I have called Sean Harrison and await his reply. Until I get his reply, I advise people to take this comment as hearsay.

    Editor’s Note #2: I just talked with Sean Harrison and he says that this is not true. He said that the Lynchburg Tea Party set the ground rules and that the Hurt campaign is just there to make a speech and answer questions. At the end of our conversation, I told him that I found it very disappointing that that Robert Hurt would appear at an event where the media is banned.

  • This is utterly absurd and shame on Robert Hurt for agreeing to this type of “forum.” He’s been holding out on televised debates because he doesn’t want Jeff Clark in them, why couldn’t he hold out on this forum unless they allowed the media to cover it? Will Hurt do any public events during this election?

    If Perriello banned the media at his town halls the Tea Partiers would go ape shit. This is blatant and offensive hypocrisy.

  • kelley in virginia

    didn’t Hurt go to the C-ville area TEA party meeting? and wasn’t the C-ville TV station there? and didn’t RH get on TV later?

    Robert Hurt would love to have free TV/print/radio time resulting from a public event.

    Don’t you think that Bob Goodlatte would prefer to have press there? Politicians want press.

    again, It may be that this is a fundraiser. They are often invitation only.

    Why doesn’t the TEA party president weigh in?

  • In The 5th

    SC, believe what you want. There are other people involved in this kerfuffle that understand it to be a different situation. And I’m glad you can get a call back from him, it’s not always the case.

    Kelley, I think the Chair of the LTP did weigh in: See quotes.

    And yes, NAS, you are exactly right.

  • kelley in virginia

    in the 5th: i read what the chmn of TEA party said. it seems it is his decision to exclude the press. I don’t understand it, but that is what the Lynchburg TEA party wants.

    and think about this: wonder if RH had said “nope, I’m not attending your event unless you invite the media”, then the TEA party group would howl.

    Robert Hurt would prefer for the press to be there.

  • Tarheel

    I see the whaaaambulance has yet to arrive.

    No worrries, it will be here soon enough.


  • SouthsideCentral

    Kelley: I think that’s exactly what Robert Hurt should say to the Lynchburg Tea Party.

    Tarheel: You’re just trolling now.

  • Tarheel

    LOL..just pokin’ at ya a little…


  • Stephen

    I don’t hold it agains Hurt that he is attending a closed media event. As Kelley suggested, it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. My main point was that it reflects badly on the LTP, it’s always better to be open, transparent, and welcoming…

    Hopefully, we will hear from people who attend how it it went, or perhaps the attendees will be sworn to secrecy ;).

    SC: Thanks for the follow-up with Sean Harrison…

  • Samuel Gilleran

    Breaking: Entertainingly, Jim McKelvey has endorsed Robert Hurt. Check your inboxes.

  • kelley in virginia

    samuel, does this tie in to the no-media event tonight? Was McKelvey tied to the Lynchburg TEA party people? and now, what of Jeff Clark? was he anticipating money &/or endorsement from McKelvey?

  • Stephen

    McKelvey makes the strongest case yet for disenchanted tea partyers to get behind Hurt.

    If you’re not on his mailing list, here it is:

    There are those who will trash McKelvey for supporting Hurt when he said he wouldn’t during the primary (they’re starting already), but IMHO, it actually shows good judgement. There is only one choice for conservatives in this race, and it’s Hurt, and McKelvey had the good sense to come to the same conclusion.

  • Samuel Gilleran

    Kelley, I am blissfully back in Lexington, gloriously disconnected from everything political except that which drops in my inbox, and all the information I have is the “press release” that is reproduced at the Bearing Drift link. I would add that McKelvey sent an email a few hours earlier informing us all of the Lynchburg Tea Party meeting (as though we didn’t know about it already) and stating that he was going to be there. Sucks to be Jeff Clark.

  • Samuel Gilleran

    Catherine Amos (Danville Register and Bee) on Twitter: “Jeff Clark on McKelvey’s endorsement of Hurt: ‘Evidently I was privy to a bunch of meaningless pledges that we agreed to.'”

    Sucks to be Jeff Clark.

  • kelley in virginia

    read this a.m. that the closed meeting was tame; more of a rally for Goodlatte.

    can anyone comment?

  • VAPatriot

    As Samuel G says, it truly does “Suck to be Jeff Clark”! However, as I have said repeatedly through the discourse……………Who the hell is Jeff Clark?

    To all of us, he remains the “ghost candidate” that none of us know anything about of his personal background and history! I, and I am sure most of you, would never vote for a person based solely on their published political views and the one statement that he is a Danville businessman!

    Definitely NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION and his website reveals nothing further than that.

    He truly is a GHOST !

  • In The 5th

    Yeah, the meeting was a complete blabfest for Goodlatte. Hurt got one “tough” question, and it was on his tax vote. Everything else was a softball, and Goodlatte monopolized about 80% of the time. Complete waste of time for anyone in the 5th.

  • Halifaxrepublican

    At a previous engagement during which Senator Hurt took questions, I asked him about his plan for entitlement reform. (Social Security and Medicare – both of which are in or nearing the red – and are the largely unaddressed culprit of our budget woes).

    To my non surprise, he had no plan. Or at least did not articulate one.

  • kelley in virginia

    it is easy to announce a plan without careful research. It would also be convenient for Sen Hurt to piggyback whatever plans the Republican Congress leadership had on these issues.

    But Sen Hurt has a very clear picture that the voters of the 5th expect him to be a conservative, yet independent, Republican voice.

    Fixing insolvency of SS & Medicare is enormous & complex problem. I would give him time to study these issues. Or make suggestions to him to see if he thinks they are viable solutions.

  • Will White

    Hurt better get a plan to raise money if he can’t even buy 4×8 signs.

  • Th. Paine

    Will White:

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Hurt just bought a TON of 4×8’s. Go take your negativity elsewhere. Face the facts.

  • Will White

    Th Paine Tom Perriello has alot more big signs up than Hurt you need to face the facts.If Hurt just bought a ton of signs where in the hell are they ? Hurt must be keeping them under lock and key cause they sure aren’t many up anywhere i have been.

  • Th. Paine

    It’s called a time delay. They just came in. I know this because I’ve seen them. Try getting information before typing.

  • Will White

    That’s funny as hell Th. Paine, Robert Hurt has been running for office for over a year and just got 4×8 signs in.Hurt according to the establishment was the only candidate in the primary that could bring the cash in and could hit the campaign trail running.Well it has been over two months and you are me he just got 4×8 signs in that’s a damn joke.

  • Tarheel


    It is my opinion and that of many others that road sign are amongst the most worthless use of campaign dollars early on, and some even believe that they are completely useless.

    IMO, he is smart to not saturate the roadsides until September/October….and also I think there are signage laws that may prohibit them before then anyway. I am sure they know what they are doing.

  • Will White

    Tarheel im glad you are sure they know what they are doing however im not sure they do.Tom Perriello has run alot better campaign so far and has alot more money.Unless Hurt makes a major change im afraid he is going to get beat.Robert Hurt is banking on not being Perriello is enough to get him elected he might be right but i wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

  • kelley in virginia

    Tom Perriello told one townhall that he has 54% conservative rating by some group.

    Mr. Perriello, that is a failing grade.

    and glad to hear the Robert Hurt 4 x 8s are in. Hope to get ours soon! Maybe the signs are not necessarily indicative of anything, but we need to show edge over Perriello.

    go to a Perriello town hall & ask him why he voted like he has. ask him about the quote “if you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing”.

  • Those of you complaining that Jeff Clark is a “ghost candidate” are blaming him for this erroneously. Jeff has appeared on my shows many times over the past several months. There are dozens of hours of audio archives here:
    Jeff has spoken his mind on whatever topic I happened to present. If you choose not to avail yourself of readily accessible information, the fault lies with you alone. So do your homework and quit whining. It’s very unbecoming.

  • Will White

    Kelley people want a candidate to vote for.Since day one all the Hurt people have talked about was how bad Perriello is. If you remember that didn’t work really well for Deeds.

  • kelley in virginia

    Will White, if you can’t see that Perriello is bad for our District, our Commonwealth & our country, then I just can not help you.

    sorry you have a problem with Robert Hurt. There are news reports from every quarter indicating his efforts to reach out to all conservative groups in the district. If he hasn’t had an opportunity to speak to your specific conservative group, then call his campaign & get on his schedule; find out when he will be in your area.

    I sort of agree with Bradley Rees above. Avail yourself of the candidate & his positions.

  • Will White

    Kelley you just proved my point.

  • Will White

    Ok Kelley btw have you been to Chase City lately ? Mr Boyle doesn’t seem to be getting anything done in Mecklenburg.

  • Kelley-
    Through all the economic mayhem being unleashed on our country by the progressive cabal, you still manage to coax a hearty gut-laugh out of me. “…news reports from every quarter indicating (Hurt’s) efforts to reach out to all conservative groups in the district.”
    Yet, somehow, he has missed the dozen or so emails I’ve sent, inviting him on my shows. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps there are problems with his website’s mail servers?
    But this doesn’t explain the 2 other times I have approached Robert and Sean, in person, with the same open invitation. Both times it was accepted graciously. And both times I heard not a single word from the campaign afterward.
    Perhaps if I send an actual letter, through the Postal Service, to his Chatham P.O. Box, it will make its way to his desk? Hmm…

  • kelley in virginia

    Mr. Rees, glad I can make you laugh.

  • Tarheel

    Mr. Rees…perhaps they are not coming on your show because they truly view you as others do…that being irrelevant.

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