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5th District Primary Election Talk!

SouthsideCentral had a LIVE! chat going during the election returns. Click the cutline below to see what went on.

<a href=”” mce_href=”” >5th District Primary Election Talk!</a>

Sorry for running out at the end, but the results were clear and I had to get to Robert Hurt’s victory party. 🙂

14 comments to 5th District Primary Election Talk!

  • Ghost of Ted Dalton

    I remember there was a lot of skepticism when I said Hurt would dominate Danville/Pittsylvania County with 75% or greater. Hmmmm….sure does appear that he got over 80% in both. As I said, look at Whitt Clement in 2001, and you’ll see that regardless of Party, Danville and Pittsylvania County support their own.

    The only surprising thing about this is Boyd’s poor showing. Talk about an awful performance.

    I would also guess that unless there is a major change in circumstances, Periello will win re-election. Hurt won b/c he had a splintered opposition…If it had been Hurt v. McPadden or Hurt v. McKelvey, I don’t know that he wins. He can’t even carry 50% of the vote against 5 nobodies and a Supervisor in Albemarle when he had every institutional advantage. You can’t read primary results too closely, but that’s not exactly a great performance when you consider the opposition. If I were a betting man, I’d wager on Periello getting a second term. We’ll see in November.

  • VaPatriot

    What a total piece of pooh-paw, Ghost! Hurt just beat SIX, not one, SIX, not two, SIX, not three and so on opponents! Your mark for a successful win against 6 is to do better than a one on one race??????

    What a piece of pooh-paw, ghost! You need to GET REAL ! He even took Charlottesville city, home of all the naah-then liberals in the 5th District! Hurt just pulled off a SLAM DUNK and if you can’t see that, you’re either sight-challenged or a staunch supporter of one of the losers tonight!
    Either way, Hurt did a totally awesome job tonight! Mark it down in the history books!

  • jeff

    Now lets see how well he does with Perriello.

  • jeffersonian1

    Well, it’s Tucker Watkins’ night.

  • We must now unite behind Robert Hurt, the winner of the Primary and lay down any animosity and hard feelings that have been developed through this political process. We must walk the extra mile to knock on doors and make phone calls. We must get out of our comfort zones and raise funds, put up signs and tell our neighbors about real hope and change.

  • jeff

    Im sure Hurt is very happy tonight but not as happy as Perriello is.

  • kelley in virginia

    maybe the incumbency won’t be an advantage for Perriello this year.

    he or obama must have registered at least 727 new incompetent voters just from nursing homes. (check with your circuit court clerks because these people have been showing up on the jury pools). Perriello won’t have this same advantage.

    if we work hard, we can beat Perriello.

  • Tarheel

    Kelly, I hope you are right about beating P.

    Primaries are for supporting and voting for the candidate that you feel is the best candidate….and I did that.

    Even though my candidate was not the one who won tonight…the one that did is by leaps and bounds better than Tom Perriello.

    Let’s do it.

  • cardinalcrossing

    I wonder how the prediction numbers would change if Virgil Goode endorses Jeff Clark for November’s Election? hmmm

  • kelley in virginia

    Virgil Goode comes out big for Hurt–make book on it. He wants Perriello defeated more than the rest of us combined.

  • Will White

    Well Kelley your candidate won and mine lost.

  • kelley in virginia

    Will, let’s focus on Perriello.

  • VaPatriot

    TarHeel, you ARE a true conservative who wants to recapture the 5th district seat! I salute you !!!!!!

  • Tarheel

    I am true blue (pun intended) conservative. Always have been, and see no indications of that changing.

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