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ThreadSpotting QuickHits!

So many submissions for ThreadSpotting, so little time. Actually, we’ve got the time… it’s just that we need to knock a bunch of mockable HalifaxTalk threads at one time to get them out of the way for the few people who like this feature. Let’s play ThreadSpotting QuickHits!

  1. Tom! – Darrin (of Clan Talbott) needs some help in understanding the health care crisis, so he uses his Phone-A-McFriendly lifeline and calls upon an expert. Unfortunately for him, it’s Tom McLaughlin that picks up the phone. (We’re sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed.) Wait a second, Darrin actually asked for Tom McLaughlin to explain health care to him? That makes as much sense as calling John Cannon for advice on a BBQ sauce recipe. Ms. ras (The Brains of Clan Talbott) makes insightful remarks on the topic, which makes you wonder why Darrin just didn’t walk across the road and ask his sister instead of calling for Socky McLiberal. Anyway, Mr. heel presents some Republican talking points and Mr. McKettle immediately calls Mr. Pot a partisan hack. Anyway, further into the thread, Darrin (of Clan Talbott) comes up with his own ideas that make no sense whatsoever. Next, he talks about trading chickens and pigs for motorcycles or something like that. I’m not sure because my eyes glazed over.  NEXT!
  2. Virginia leadsmillworker gushes with pride as the legislature passes a bill which is unconstitutionally Dead On Arrival. Remember that history lesson about “nullification” and how it didn’t work? Remember how it led to a civil war (which, by the way, really is over)? Feh. History never repeats. NEXT!
  3. McWhacky Returns! – One of our favorites, Liz McOfferingInformation, returns to try and play nice to Willa. Willa tells her to (censored). The. End. This is McWhacky’s 4th or 5th returning. She tried to shamelessly plug her new alteration business but Darrin (of Clan Talbott) deleted her postings a few weeks ago.

So that’s some QuickHits! for you. Three ThreadSpottings for the price of one.

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