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QuickHits! (1/23)

How about some quickies? Yay!

  • What in the hell do people see in Aldi’s? It’s a crappy grocery store with the same prices as every other grocery store but the products are not name brands. Don’t get me started on the 25-cent deposit on the shopping cart idea. Top that off with the fact that they close at 7PM on most nights? Feh.
  • We had a reader asking about Danville’s E-Recycling Center located at the Public Works Complex Warehouse Building on 998 South Boston Road. I made some phone calls and found out that they accept computers, monitors, printers, batteries and CFL lightbulbs for recycling. You don’t have to be a Danville resident to use their services, either. They’ll take items from anybody. I’m sure limits do apply, but it’s a good way to properly dispose of hazardous waste. They’re open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday (closed from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM for lunch). For more details, call Danville’s Public Works Department at 434-799-5245.
  • Here’s the latest health news scare… Copper pipes could cause heart disease and Alzheimer’s. At least PVC pipes are still OK, eh?
  • Looks like it’s Happy Trails! to Danville’s “Lucy’s Restaurant”. We rode by there tonight and it looks like they’ve shut down. We only ate there once and gave it a decent review, but other reviews weren’t as positive.

How’s that for a random quickie foursome?

2 comments to QuickHits! (1/23)

  • V

    I haven’t been to Aldi’s in Danville for a long time so I can’t say how they compare in price to other local supermarkets.
    However, my mom, who took great pride in her ability to find a bargain, was an avid Aldi’s shopper in her area of Pennsylvania. They don’t carry name brand items but her savings were always substantial and the products were good.
    The 25 cent “rent a cart” idea is supposed to induce the shopper to return the cart to the cart stand rather than leave them strewn around the parking lot. Most of the time folk just hand a quarter to another shopper who is done with the cart.
    For those who have never been to Aldi’s be sure to take your own bags or boxes as they are not provided by the store. Another way to help keep the cost of groceries down and a good way to ‘go green’.

  • Watchman

    While I am not an Aldi’s frequent shopper I like the fact they are in town. If we don’t support other stores we will be stuck with just Walmart. The evil empire must be stopped! LOL

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