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QuickHits! (1/1)

We’re rolling out another occasional feature here at SouthsideCentral… QuickHits! When we’ve got a bunch of stuff to write about but not much to write on the topics, you’ll get Quick Hits on the topics. They may even be funny, with “may” being the operative word. That being said, let’s get some QuickHits! for January 1st!

  • Matt Boswell (He Who Is Banned From Performing At Reidsville NC Events) & his band performed at the Eagles lodge east of Danville for New Year’s Eve. At presstime, we haven’t been informed of anybody getting their panties in a wad about his singing. We’ll keep you posted. 😀
  • Charlotte County’s only stoplight was removed last week. Yep, Charlotte County has no stoplights in the entire county, while the Town of Halifax has 1. I’m family obligated to tell you that if you wish to go see the Town of Halifax’s permanent stoplight, please make a stop into Triangle Florist (15 feet from the stoplight). 😉
  • Bill Mezger, the chief economist of the Virginia Employment Commission is retiring after 47 years of service. Mezger is the guy that reports all of the area’s unemployment rate. On his final day of work, he did change Richmond’s unemployment rate from 7.5% to 7.5000001%. 😀

That’s all we got tonight, folks! Gnight!

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