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The Mystery Caller & The Mystery Call!

Barbara Speece just called me. But she wouldn’t say it was Barbara Speece. How bizarre.

Hey, Barbara!

It was from Barbara Speece’s phone number. It sounded like Barbara Speece. But for now, let’s call her The Mystery Caller.

(The following conversation is semi-paraphrased because I’m laughing so hard at recalling it.)

Mystery Caller: Is this the person that publishes SouthsideCentral?

Me: Why, yes it is!

Mystery Caller: Who is Butch Oyler? (The commenter who left this comment on a Woodson Hughes article.)

Me: I have no idea.

Mystery Caller: So, you let people write anonymously and you publish them?

Me: Sure. As long as there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with what is said, I give people a place to speak their mind.

Mystery Caller: Even if they are talking about criminal activity? (or something that involved criminal-something, I started chuckling as I recognized the phone number and the content of the comment of which our Mystery Caller was talking about.)

Me: Of course. And you are?

Mystery Caller: (silence) (time passes) I just wanted to know who Butch Oyler was.

Me: No problem. Again, you would be?

Mystery Caller: (silence) I just asked you that question.

Me: This is Barbara Speece, isn’t it? I recognize the voice!

Mystery Caller: (silence) I just … um… wanted to … (silence) So you don’t know who Butch Oyler is?

Me: As stated before, no idea. Barbara? Hi!

Mystery Caller: (silence)

Me: Thanks for calling! (click)

Hello? Barbara? You’re now a public figure. You’re on the Library Board. You were a integral part of a public body that made a horrible decision. Lots of people disagree with that decision and now you’re going to have to face the public that disagrees with that decision. See how this works? If you haven’t figured this out yet, you can ask your husband. He’s a South Boston Town Councilman. He has people that don’t agree with decisions that he’s made in his role as a public figure.

If you’re going to criticize the media coverage that your board’s horrible decision has made, at least tell me who you are. Or when I know who you are, at least admit who you are!

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14 comments to The Mystery Caller & The Mystery Call!

  • lie-berry

    Has anyone called nepotism, yet? And, has anyone looked into the term limitations of library board members…they exist. And, “someone,” I won’t mention names, since that’s the game we’re playing, but someone’s been on the board an awfully long time, and I’d like to stress awfully.

  • Ann

    I don’t think she understands how the internet works!

  • Ann

    I also think she doesn’t understand caller ID. lol

    Editor’s Note: Now that’s damned funny! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Barry Tuck

    Lie-Berry, you have a very, VERY, interesting comment there.

    I’m interested in how this goes about now it “out there”.

  • Psych

    How hypocritical is that! She wanted to know who posted something annonymously and thought they shouldn’t be allowed to hide their identity, yet she should be allowed to call you annonymously and ‘attempt’ to hide hers??

    Editor’s Note: The irony. It truly does burn, doesn’t it?

  • Barry Tuck

    I knew the Library had a “Bulleton Board” bu never a actual Board of Members. I mean really, is that called for?

    And what gets me most about this, is that, he was so close to getting his full retirement.

  • Chaffy

    This is just too damn funny.

    This is what is called Karma, Ma’am. And if you don’t like what is being said about your actions, then that is Karma coming to bite you in the tush. :)

  • lie-berry

    ..gives the word “specious” a whole new ring.

  • Barry Tuck

    Who would pay Woodson retirement anyway?

  • It’s about time that Woodson got some credit for how wonderful he is with people. He has given of himself and his talents freely for years. He is good, kind and generous. He pours affirmation into people’s lives and makes them feel better about themselves. I’ve only known a few people in my life that have that ability.

  • lie-berry

    Woodson is a gentle soul who’s done nothing but good for the library, its patrons, and the community. There has to be some justice in this case.

  • Jo

    The scary part is that someone this obviously ignorant could be on any kind of board much less one that has the power to cause someone to lose their job!!

  • Jim Barczak

    It is about time that South Boston and Halifax County citizens are waking up to the good old boys / good old girls club running things.

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