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Japan Tobacco International to open plant in Danville

Who says that the tobacco economy is dead?

Local and state officials just announced thar Japan Tobacco International will open a processing plant in the former location of the Dan River Distribution Center.

More to come…

3 comments to Japan Tobacco International to open plant in Danville

  • jaydeebee

    Kind of ironic that Gov. Kaine spent the day celebrating the smoking ban he enacted on the same day that it’s announced that Danville is going back into the tobacco processing business.

  • Dissa

    The tobacco industry isn’t dead, but their customers are getting there one by one.

    I, for one, am so glad the smoking ban was passed. Free breathers can now go out and enjoy themselves.

  • Jennie Marshall

    As compared to other country Smoking in Japan is much less subject to bans than in many other nations, and Japan accounts for much of the tobacco consumption in Asia. Nearly 30 million people smoke in Japan, Making the country one of the world’s largest tobacco markets. The rate
    for women has not risen much beyond 10 percent. Japan Tobacco Inc. is part of the Nikkei 225. JTI company traces its origins to 1898. Incorporated in 1949 as the Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation and controls 66.4% of the cigarette market in Japan and will seek more takeovers from 2009 to build on the 1.4 trillion.

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