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USW 831 rejects contract with Goodyear.

Wow. What the hell is going on?

We have confirmed that the local USW 831 union has rejected the proposed contract with Goodyear. One of our sources says that the vote was 54% against the agreement.

Watch for more details as we get them.

14 comments to USW 831 rejects contract with Goodyear.

  • Chris

    I think its great because Goodyear Tire and Rubber works the dog out of you and wants to keep taking everything they can from their employees…..

  • SouthsideCentral

    I can’t argue that it’s hard work out there. But in this economy, a strike would be devastating.

  • Chris

    I agree it may be devastating at a time like this but maybe Goodyear should have took that into consideration while coming up with this contract…

  • P. Bateman

    I predict the same thing happening here. If they go on strike, IMO, it’s an even money bet that they close the factory.

  • Will White

    I would serve them right.

  • Dave Cline


    I think you are probably right.

  • Dave Cline

    Bateman, In your article…this quote sums it up nicely

    “Union workers in general (and Local 50 workers specifically) need to be wondering if their union exists for the benefit of the workers or the benefit of those collecting union dues.”

  • Chris

    Worked there and ALL the people that work there are arrogant and think their better than everyone… This may just be the nail in the coffen…..

  • Wild Handyman

    How stupid can a bunch of workers be? Apparently the union workers at Goodyear have absolutely no clue that jobs paying more than minimum wage no longer exist in Southern Virginia… especially jobs with side benefits like the use of a beautiful employer-subsidized golf course – DUH!.

    I believe that if the union goes on strike again the employees will find out how tight the job market really is because Goodyear will either close the plant and move the jobs to an area (country?) where people want to work or, if management decides to keep the plant open, they will simply fire everyone and hire all non-union employees. There will be thousands of replacement workers on line in a heartbeat to take the place of the union workers who no longer appreciate their jobs.

  • P Bateman

    When do the rest of the factories vote? It’s interesting that these votes came a day before the tariffs on Chinese tires. Probably just a coincidence.

    I will say this. Watch the price of American tires go up as well. 35% on Chinese tires means they can bump up the price at least 10-15% on American made tires and still beat the prices on the Chinese.

  • President-backing-union

    Lot of people with opinions here that know nothing about what is in the contract.

    Just a bunch of people who are trapped in jobs where they have no voice whatsoever and expect the rest of us to just go along and take whatever crap our employers want to give us and keep quiet.

    It just tears them up inside to see that not everyone has to hunker down and kiss butt.

  • SouthsideCentral

    Not saying that at all. I’m talking about the potential economic impacts on the SouthsideCentral area.

    I’d love to hear why some union members voted against it. Use the “Contact Us” link and I promise you’ll stay anonymous.

  • Wild Handyman

    The unions helped to kill General Motors and Chrysler. I guess Goodyear is next on their hit list.

  • X

    Looks like it passed in Akron, Union City, and Tonawanda. Only local I’ve seen rejecting it so far is Danville.

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