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RandomThoughts! (10/24/17)

I got the date correct before I published the article this time. Maybe I’m figuring this thing out. Heh.

Let’s see what I’m thinking about this time.


RandomThoughts! (10/7/17)

Since my new system worked great, let’s get things going (again) with a RandomThoughts article.


Testing the new mobile system.

Hey, this just might work!

Danville City Council (12/6/15) – LIVE! 

We’re LIVE! at Danville’s Municipal Building for tonight’s set of City Council meetings. 

We’re starting with the 5:30 special session about violent crime. Police Chief talks about the history to start off. Broadfoot clearly says there are gangs in the city with an age range from 14-25 years old. 

He talks about a proposal to […]

Danville School Board – LIVE! (9/15/16) 

We’re LIVE! at tonight’s Danville School Board meeting. We’ll start off with photos and add more as we go along. Let’s get started! 

Terri Hall & Steven Gould are not here for tonight’s meeting. 

Mellisa Newton is doing a large presentation on SOL notes, but the audience is SOL in their […]

REPRINT: BreakDown: The Berry Hill Industrial Park Announcement

Hey, we were wrong. But this announcement will happen soon. I’m flagging this into “Errors & Omissions” because I was totally wrong. But I’ll stand behind my words and admit my mistake.

I’m not deleting this article because the analysis of what will happen is still valid. I also want people to see how badly […]

Thumbs! (7/2/16)

Some people have mood swings. I have Thumbs! swings.

This Thumbs! article is dedicated to Friday’s Danville City Council organizational meeting, so it’s longer than a normal Thumbs! article. I’m good with that.


Danville Planning Commission (6/13/16)

SouthsideCentral was at the Danville Planning Commission meeting on Monday and we’ve got the most comprehensive coverage for you. The meeting lasted 100 minutes, but we endured it. Heh. Let’s get started!


QuickHits! (6/6/16)

Let’s take a look at some of the stories that have caught my eye over the last week… and let’s do it on Monday!