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Endorsement: Will Pace for Chatham Town Council

It’s good to see a young person come back to the Southside region and want to make a difference. Will Pace is one of those people and SouthsideCentral supports his candidacy strongly.


Endorsement: Jessie Barksdale for Board of Supervisors Chairman

This is a weird way to start 2016, but I feel this endorsement is needed to keep Pittsylvania County on the right track. Only the seven elected members of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors will vote on this decision, but county residents can make their feelings known to their supervisor before the vote happens.


Endorsements: Pittsylvania County Elections

It’s been a long Endorsement Week but we’re finishing up all of our political endorsements in this article. Let’s work on Pittsylvania County’s Board of Supervisors’ elections.


Endorsements: Halifax County Elections

We’re going to Speed Round mode to get the rest of our political endorsements published. In this article, we’ll clear the rest of Halifax County’s elections off the board.


Endorsement: Fred Clark for Halifax County Sheriff

In 2011, Fred Clark won his first term as Halifax County Sheriff easily as the incumbent completely melted down into a scandal that ended up sending him to jail. That’s not the case in this election, as incumbent Clark is showing very few weaknesses.


Endorsement: Sam Burton for Pittsylvania County School Board

Four years ago, Pittsylvania County voters ousted 20+ year incumbent Sam Burton from the school board by electing Wayne Robertson. Burton is back to run against Robertson in a Chatham/Blairs district rematch & SouthsideCentral believes that Burton should be returned to office.


Endorsements: Pittsylvania County Constitutional Offices

Endorsement Week continues on SouthsideCentral and we’ll get the unopposed Pittsylvania County constitutional offices out of the way now.


Endorsement: Kate Berger for Pittsylvania County Treasurer

(SouthsideCentral Policy: SouthsideCentral accepts all political advertisements. Any candidate who chooses to place their ads on SouthsideCentral are told directly that their advertising will not influence the endorsement process in any manner. Kate Berger has advertised on SouthsideCentral.)

Kate Berger won a four-way election last year to officially finish out the term of Pittsylvania County […]

Endorsement: Mark Scarce for Clerk of Court

Voters don’t usually pay much attention to elections for Clerk of Court in Virginia and that’s the wrong attitude to have. The elected term for Clerk of Court is eight years, so that means voters will be “hiring” somebody and end up paying them over $1,000,000 in salary & benefits. It’s a very important decision […]

Endorsement: Marshall, Adams, Edmunds for Delegate

It’s one week before the general election and it’s also the start of a week filled of SouthsideCentral political endorsements.

We’re going to get started with the easiest ones. Let’s talk about the region’s Virginia House of Delegate races. They’re all unopposed.


Endorsements: Danville School Board Race (2014)

SouthsideCentral is ready to make our endorsements for the Danville School Board race.


Endorsements: Danville City Council Race (2014)

SouthsideCentral has listened and talked to all of the candidates running in the 2014 Danville City Council race and it’s now time for our endorsements.


Endorsement: Halifax County Commonwealth’s Attorney – BOTH candidates

No matter who wins in Tuesday’s election for Halifax County Commonwealth’s Attorney, county residents will be well represented in the courtroom.


Endorsement: Ira Tilley for Reidsville, NC Mayor

SouthsideCentral believes that Ira Tilley has been unfairly painted as a one-issue candidate and we believe that he is the best choice for mayor of Reidsville, NC.


Endorsement: Danny Marshall for 14th District House of Delegates

SouthsideCentral wraps up our endorsements for the Virginia House of Delegates by endorsing Danny Marshall in the 14th District.


Endorsement: Les Adams for 16th District House of Delegates

Les Adams has done everything that’s needed to show us that he’ll make a good Delegate in Virginia’s General Assembly.


Endorsement: James Edmunds for 60th District House of Delegates

In the last two elections, James Edmunds has had no competition. In this election, James Edmunds has an opponent but still has no competition.


Endorsement: Jimmy Gillie for Danville Commissioner of Revenue

Endorsement Week rolls along and we’ve got nothing but great words for a candidate that’s running unopposed yet again.


Endorsement: Mike Mondul for Danville City Sheriff

We’ll continue our Endorsement Week at SouthsideCentral by focusing on the race for Sheriff of Danville. Mike Mondul won his first term four years ago and he’s the man to vote for in this election.


Endorsement: Fay Satterfield for Halifax County School Board

We’re moving to District 6 in Halifax County where we have one-term incumbent Fay Satterfield and challenger Rita Best campaigning for a four-year term. We’ve made our decision on who we’d vote for if we still lived in the district…


Endorsement: Kim Farson for Halifax County School Board

Halifax County’s current school board chairman, Kim Farson, is running for her second term on the school board. After knocking off a two-term incumbent her first time, this time she’s unopposed.


Endorsement: Lyn Barbour for Danville Treasurer

We’re continuing the series of unopposed election endorsements, and we’re staying in Danville for the city’s Treasurer election this time.


Endorsement: Michael Newman for Danville’s Commonwealth’s Attorney

We’re going to start rolling out our 2013 election endorsements this week. In this one, I’m going to eat a big plate of crow for the last time.


Endorsement: Susan Granger for Halifax Town Council

Although it’s just a seven-month term until the seat is filled in a general election, SouthsideCentral believes that Susan Granger is the strongest candidate for the vacant Ward D seat on Halifax Town Council. Besides that, she’s my sister!


Endorsements: Danville City Council Race (2012)

SouthsideCentral has listened and talked to all of the candidates in the 2012 Danville City Council race and now it’s time for our endorsements.