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PhotoCentral: This Emporia VA Life

SouthsideCentral is on Instagram, and we encourage you to follow us. You’ll see yet another way that we provide the best media coverage of the area. We also look for Instagram accounts that are interesting and fun to look at.

Today, we’re going to show you one of the newer accounts that has followed SouthsideCentral […]

CentralPerspective: Looking Back to Move Forward

This week, I am once again looking back as I look forward. I shot both of these photographs in downtown Danville, Virginia in 2008. […]

The Hospitality House – 714 N. Main St.

Located at 714 N. Main St. , this imposing stucco home commands the intersection of Worsham St. and N. Main St. on the eastern side. Located directly next to the Tot-Spot Daycare Center, this home has been the location of the Whitfield family ( think the city attorney) for many years. Originally a lot was […]

Jeff Reed 110 – Halifax County 0

After looking at that scoreboard, I wonder if the Halifax County IDA is having second thoughts…


2013 Lieutenant Governor Race – Update #1

Wake up, Southside! There’s a crowded field for the 2013 Lieutenant Governor race. Seriously, folks… try and get excited about this race, ok? If I can semi-pretend to be excited enough to write this article, you can at least pretend to care about the candidates.


TYOB!: This weekend’s events!

If you stay at home this weekend, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.



SouthsideCentral is coming back! (Not that we ever went anywhere…)

[…] – Check it out!

There’s a new website in the Southside VA area and it’s got a lot to offer. We hope you check it out and visit often!


Southside Snowstorm!

Wow. It’s bad and it’s only getting worse. Stay inside! This article will be updated with information as it comes in during the storm.


So who’s going to run against Tom Perriello in 2010?

We’ve got five people that have already declared their candidacy for the Republican nomination. Will there be more?


Perriello to hold “Tom In Your Town” events next week.

SouthsideCentral will be at the Danville event LIVE!


16½ feet wide, 225 feet long and over 500000 pounds…

Insert your own joke for that headline, but a truck/trailer combo of that size is going to be heading through Danville at least three times over the next week.