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BREAKING: Suspect Sought In Caswell County Double Murder

We’re just getting this information from the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office.


Dan River District Friends of Scouting Wild Game Dinner Fundraiser (Part #2)

Earlier today, we published Part #1 of a PhotoCentral series from Thursday night’s Wild Game Dinner Fundraiser hosted by the Dan River District Friends of Scouting. The event was held at the Big Sky Ranch in Caswell County. District Commissioner Steve Adkins was kind enough to get us some photos from the event, and we’re […]

Dan River District Friends of Scouting Wild Game Dinner Fundraiser (Part #1)

On Thursday night, the Dan River District Friends of Scouting held a wild game dinner fundraiser at the Big Sky ranch in Caswell County (NC). Thanks to District Commissioner Steve Adkins, we’ve got a pair of PhotoCentral articles from the event. Let’s go take a look at what happened.


PhotoCentral: Paschal’s Christmas Lights

Leon & Ann Paschal’s Christmas Light display is back in Casville, NC. We’ve got a quick PhotoCentral tour for you, thanks to Travis Hackworth’s photos. Let’s take a walk through the amazing display…


PhotoCentral: Bright Leaf Hoedown – Part #2

The region’s fall festival season has taken a big hit with the rainy weather, but Yanceyville’s Bright Leaf Hoedown had perfect weather on September 19th. We’ve already published Part #1 of our PhotoCentral look at the festival, so let’s get back on track with Part #2 now.


PhotoCentral: Bright Leaf Hoedown – Part #1

SouthsideCentral goes to as many events as possible in the region and we could easily start another website with just PhotoCentral articles… but I like to throw them in here when I can to make sure there’s plenty of content that you readers want to see.

On Saturday, September 19th, the town of Yanceyville NC […]

NumbersCentral: “So what does the DRF do?”

One of the most frequent questions that I get is “What does the Danville Regional Foundation do with their money?” Unfortunately, a lot of people have a mindset that the DRF is a closed-door, good-ol’-boy cigar club that’s a secret society tossing out cash to the people who don’t really need it.

That’s not the […]

QuickHits! (6/23/2014)

QuickReading! QuickClicking. QuickArticle. QuickHits!


QuickHits! (6/9/2014)

QuickHits now, RandomThoughts later today!


Happy Trails, Renee Franklin!

That didn’t take long, but Caswell County’s suspended school superintendent is leaving with some lovely parting gifts.


“It is a personnel matter”

Those words usually aren’t too promising when it comes to a school superintendent…


Photos from the 2010 BrightLeaf Hoedown

Yanceyville, NC hosted the 2010 BrightLeaf Hoedown on Saturday. Enjoy this slideshow of this year’s festival!

Dumbass of the Day! (11/16)

Let’s head over to Caswell County (NC) for this one.


Unidentified body found in Yanceyville

Sorry for the delay on this one, but it slid into our “junk mail” folder. Oopsie.


BREAKING NEWS: Murder arrest in Caswell County (NC)

This case spreads over Caswell County, Person County, Mecklenburg County and it ends with a surprising Halifax County twist!


Two juveniles injured in Leasburg shooting

The shooter is in jail under a $5,000 secured bond.


Caswell Family Medical Center Break-in!

They didn’t get far. Dumbasses.


Caswell County Sheriff’s Department reports arrest

Perv alert!