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Time Machine: South Boston YMCA Hilarity

We’re only going back three months in the SouthsideCentral time machine trip. Hey, Marcus Hargrave?


Time Machine: From South Boston to Tazewell… and Bust!

Let’s hop in the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and go back to July 16, 2001. It will end up in Tazewell County, but our visit starts in South Boston.


Time Machine: Oh, Happy Day!

I was cleaning out my email today and came across this gem. Let’s hop in the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and go back to May 17, 2013. Lots of smiling faces are awaiting us…


Time Machine: Plaques from 1998 & 1961

This trip back into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine isn’t going to teach us lessons. It’s just a fun trip to the past.

Hop in and let’s look at some old plaques that I noticed today at Danville Regional Airport.


Time Machine: Zeyuan Flooring’s Move!

Let’s hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and head back to April 14th. That’s the day when we got a Spin-O-Rama about the GOK Furniture company and Zeyuan Flooring.


Time Machine: The Not-So-Happy Oyster

Ready to hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine? This journey will take us back to a home invasion, fire and a punching bag (!?) story that never smelled right from the first moment I heard about the “crime”.


Time Machine: Once, Twice, Three Times a Job Bust

This is a strange mashup of two SouthsideCentral types of features. We’re going to hop in the Time Machine and go back to November 20, 2012. That’s the day that Danville City Council approved grant money to a losing trifecta of Job Busts. Get ready for a not so fun ride…


Time Machine: Happy Trails, Web Parts (Again)!

We’re going to hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine. If you need aspirin or batteries, I suggest you get them now. They’re not going to be for sale in vending machines where we’re going.


Time Machine: (Race) Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Today, we’re going to do something to the local race pimping community that rarely happens. We’re going to look back at a “developing situation” that they showcased and see what was accomplished. It’s time to hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine.


Two new robberies and one old one.

Overnight, Danville police are reporting two armed robberies of convenience stores. That also reminded me of one other attempted robbery that happened last year in the same area, so let’s look at what happened last night and then we’ll get a reminder of what happened last year…


Time Machine: My adventure at subverting the political process

Let’s hop in the Time Machine and head back to the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary. I had a little fun with it.


Time Machine: 2003 Halifax County Elections

I’m thanking Fred for the motivation to go back in time today and look at the 2003 election cycle in Halifax County. So what happened back in 2003?