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UPDATED: Say, That’s Odd: Useless Post Office Poles

UPDATE: One of SouthsideCentral’s good friends has gotten the answer for us. I’ve added that to the bottom of the article.

SouthsideCentral had a busy day on Saturday, and one of my stops was in Yanceyville for the annual Bright Leaf Hoedown festival. We’ll have lots of photos from there soon, but I started off […]

“Say, That’s Odd”: Good Seats Still Available

We admit that this article could be crappy. Heh.


Say, That’s Odd: We get the idea. Sorta.

Spelling counts. So does penmanship.

Say, That’s Odd: One bizarre sign…

We’re getting back in the saddle (even with one busted-up leg).

So, it appears that the new Danville YMCA doesn’t have the support of everybody in the community…


Make sure your driver’s license is valid…

… when you’re running over your father. Wait, what? Say, That’s Odd.


Say, That’s Odd: What’s in the trashcan?

Sometimes you just have to educate people on what shouldn’t go in a trashcan. Say, That’s Odd.


Say, That’s Odd: Lights Out!

Honestly, I have no idea what the hell is going on with this story.


Time Machine: The Not-So-Happy Oyster

Ready to hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine? This journey will take us back to a home invasion, fire and a punching bag (!?) story that never smelled right from the first moment I heard about the “crime”.


A home invasion, a house fire and a punching bag.

Say, That’s Odd. Something just ain’t right with this story…